Constant headaches :(

Hi ladies,

I wondered does anyone else suffer from a TONNE of headaches? Especially during and for around a week after their period? The past couple of months I have noticed this with me and am wondering wether or not it's endo related. It's really getting me down and is spoiling my life. When I get these headaches they last all day and pain killers only take the edge off if that. 

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  • Interesting question, I too, suffer headaches soooo much it feels like it never really clears, its there threatening to kick up a fuss at every movement, sometimes its hormone surges, sometimes pain in my shoulders and neck, tension/stress, it all combines and I hide in a dark cold room with a pillow and loads of cold drinks to wash down the painkillers xx

  • Thanks for you reply! Yea I think your right that it's a combination of things. I get a lot on neck ache and tension also. Have you found any pain killers that help or get rid of the pain. I unfortunately can't take ibuprofen because my endo has badly affected my bowel but if there's anything else you take I'd be greatfull if you could let me know :) 

  • I've been using cool gel strips, I can't think what they are called but they do them for kids too, I get the migraine ones on the back of my neck and on my forehead I use the same strip and move it round now and again, I find two too cold and makes them worse. Pain relief still eludes me I just take whatever I have to hand and hope for the best xx

  • I usually know my period is on its way because I have an unpenetrable headache / sinus pain the day or two before, which usually clears when my period comes, or stays for the first day or two. But the week after I also get a really bad headache / sinus pain which is so hard to shift. I don't know if it is stress from the PMT / bad period pain, hormone balances or withdrawal from all the ibuprofen I've been taking for cramps. 

    It is so frustrating having to deal with all the endo and period pain stuff whilst having a horrible headache to look forward too. 

    If your headache is more sinus related then a sinus rinse can help. 

  • Thanks for your reply! Endo and all the crap that comes along with it is just awful! I have a nasal decongestant spray which is good but no matter what I take I can't seem to shift the headache. It's really interfering with everything, the amount of days I have to cancel plans and have had to call in sick to work is rediclous! 

  • Hi

    I had the same issue with numerous every month that could last a couple of days a time.

    mid March I got my daith pierced. Since getting it, it has been great. I've had the beginning of about 7 migraines, I move my ear piercing for a minute or two and it instantly starts to feel better, then within the next ten minutes I feel fine again.

    I had only been considering it, until a colleague spoke about how it worked for her daughter too. Xx

  • I've heard about that peirsing and wondered if it would really work! Think I'll check that out! Thanks X 

  • Hi there I suffer with migraines and headaches everyday it's really hard!! I also have endremetiosis too!! I know how you feel! 

  • At least we're not alone I guess, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone! 

  • Have you recently changed contraception? When I changed my pill I struggled for weeks with headaches. So changed back to my old one and went back to normal, think it must have been hormonal x

  • I saw my GP recently due to bleeding and headaches. I had bloods taken and they came back that I was anaemic. Given iron tablets and (touch wood) I've not had a headache since. 

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