I've not been on in a while due to dealing with my Zolodex/ Tibolone side effects and had to get a quick appointment with my gynaecologist and she's done it!!!

She had referred me to Mr Edi Osagi in Manchester! Finally!!!!!

Cannot contain how excited I am! Also got an MRI while waiting for my appointment (not too keen on that idea) but it's finally happening!!!!

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  • I'm so pleased Chloe. One month on here, a letter to your GP laying out the regulations and you get your referral. And to think you would have been trotted off to gastroenterology and come away with a diagnosis of IBS! x

  • Exactly! I do still have to go to gastro as my appointment is in 10 days but everything is looking up! Thank you for your help! x

  • Be sure to educate the gastro person that IBS is a symptoms of endo affecting the bowel (in the POD) and not an alternative diagnosis.

  • Congratulations Chloe let us know how you get on. Take care Hun.

  • Thank you! Xx

  • I'm under Dr edi osagi, he's brilliant!! He and all his team including the nurses at St marys have been amazing with me, you are now in very good hands x

  • Thank you that makes me feel a lot better!!! Xx

  • Good news. Really pleased for you xx

  • Thank you!!! Xx

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