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Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well.

Just wanted to share my news. Yesterday I had my first laparoscopy with a lovely surgeon and, despite my gynae saying they wouldn't find anything, I was diagnosed with endo!

While I'm in an awful amount of pain today, I'm just so happy to finally have answers and give the doctors a reason to believe me (why are they all so insistent that we are exaggerating our pain?!)

Anyway, he excised the endo on both sides and also my bowel was adhered which he has now freed so hopefully I will have some relief soon. Unfortunately he made 3 attempts to put the gas through my belly button and failed so had to make another incision, also meaning my belly button feels bruised and battered!

Just wanted to share my message no never give up your fight girls, if you truly believe you could have endo, keep fighting no matter how many doctors put you off or tell you there's nothing wrong. I almost convinced myself that I was making it up at one point and my biggest fear for the lap was that they wouldn't find anything but I didn't give up and here I am with my diagnosis after 8 long years!

On another note, if anyone has any advice for recovery/ life with endo it would be greatly appreciated! Doc has signed me off work for 2 weeks but not sure I'll need that! Hopefully!

Thank you & take care ladies

xo, Sara

P.s. Check out the bloating in the photo! Some gas still left in plus 500ml of liquid to help scarring. I've been peeing non-stop!

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Hi Sara - I haven't got much advice to give at this point as also recently had a diagnosis after a lap, but just wanted to say I'm glad you've finally had a diagnosis (I understand the weird relief of getting to the bottom of it all)! x

I am glad you got a diagnosis, it's so frustrating how long it takes to get there. I had a lap 11 years ago and I was signed off for six weeks. I probably didn't need that much time but it helped me heal properly and I was glad of the rest. Mind you, I also had a D&C for a failed miscarriage the week before my lap so that could have contributed to the longer recovery time too.

Hi glad you now know what was wrong. Try peppermint tea for the gas pains.

Because your bowel has been handled(which it doesn't like) you may find you get constipation for awhile. To help ease this there are various things you can try- teaspoons of olive oil swallowed , warm prune juice, having it warm helps to stimulate bowel, milk of magnesia or even stool softeners like movicol, which you can buy in boots. Make sure you drink plenty.

Get plenty of rest and be kind to yourself.

You may find you get quite emotional now you have a diagnosis but this is perfectly normal and it will pass.

If you ever need to talk or just vent we are all here for you. Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery.

You have no idea how much I needed to see this message. I've just been crying because I'm constipated! Ha ha!

Thank you for your advice, I have some peppermint oil capsules so I will give them a go. Otherwise I will ask someone to get me some tea tomorrow.

Thank you so much x

Hi the movicol is really good and you can take up to 8sachets a day. It really softens stools so you don't have to strain, which when you're healing is the last thing you want to do.

Hope it eases soon.


I had my laparoscopy 2 weeks a go and I go back to work on tuesday. This last week I have felt pretty much back to normal but remember there is still healing going on inside so still take it easy and don't rush things! I have been very emotional, crying all the time. My endometriosis was very severe which i wasn't expecting at all, so i think i am still taking it all I'm guessing its normal to be emotional.

I was quite bruised around my belly button and my other incisions but these look so much better now 2 weeks on. I also had a hot water bottle constantly for the first few days which really helped.

I Hope you start to feel better soon....I had a few days where I thought i would never feel normal again but physically feel much better, so just relax and let your body heal.


My lap was three years ago, and the first two or three weeks I was in a lot of pain, although I did have a endometrial ablation too.

The advice I would give you is listen to your body, rest as much as possible for the first week or two for sure, i can't say I felt well properly for a good 6-8 wks, but everyone's different.

Take it easy xx

Thank you both for your replies. Today is the first day I've found it easier to sit up and move around a bit so I'm hoping this is the beginning of a good recovery.

I'm desperate to get up and do things but I know this isn't good for me right now so I will behave!

Take care xo

Know how you feel. Had my lap yesterday. 4th time but with different consultant and anaesthetist. So much better than the first three. Felt much less groggy within 4 -6 hours and had first toilet visit after 6 hours. It normally takes me a week to feel back to normal but as glf says whilst the outside might be healing there is still a lot of healing on the inside. I'm having this week off work and lucky enough to be able to work from home next week so can do as much or little as feel up to but no travelling. Hope you make a good recovery x

Sarita_sarita in reply to IRM69

That's great that you're feeling better this time round, it seems we can get very lucky or unlucky with surgeons. Mine was very good and I don't quite as bad as I expected.

Lucky you have some flexibility with work. I have quite a lot of pressure to go back as quickly as possible but I'm going to try and take this week off and go back Monday. Every day I'm losing money but I have to think it's more important that I'm really feeling better. Haven't even left the house yet so I think I should try a little walk first and see how I get on!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery :)


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