Can anyone else see and feel their ovarian cysts from the outside?

I have endometrioma cysts on both of my ovaries. The one on the right is the most painful but also when I lie flat I can see it, well I think I can either that or there is something else in there! When I lie on my tummy it feels like something shouldn't be there, like I am lying on an object. Other times when I lie on my back I get a strange sensation and there is a slight bump low down a little way in from my right hip. This ovary is also adhered to my uterus which is pulled out of place from my endometriosis patches. Maybe this makes it stick out more? I'm not writing this post because it worries me I just wondered if anyone else experiences the same kind of thing. It's just odd!

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Hi, yes I could see and feel my large endometrioma. Had it removed last week so I'm hoping I won't any more!

I could see a vague swelling around where it was, and my husband could see it too. Whenever I bent over it felt like a squeezing pain.

Thanks for your reply. Nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. Glad you've got yours sorted now. I hope you are recovering well xx

Hope you get yours sorted soon x

Hi, yes . I had an 11cm endometrioma on left ovary which I could most definitely feel even when stood up.

Thanks for your reply, I've never heard of other people experiencing the same so it's good to know xx

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