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Heart palpatations and chest pain

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Hi all, so I was just wondering does anyone else suffer with a racing heartbeat or chest flutter randomly or after eating? Also central chest pain mainly on the left side sometimes both sides and under breasts which is temporarily relieved by burping sometimes?

I can't tell if this is related to digestion (I suffered a lot with my endo) or anxiety, I get anxious sometimes for no reason at all but I do have health anxiety (fluttery stomach and fast heartbeat) which doesn't help!

I'm 5 weeks post op and I went tachycardiac before and after op so I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor and no one seemed concerned but I'm iust wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing xxx

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In my family there's heart disease, I haven't been dignosed with endo yet but I'm told it's the only thing I could have.

When I went on the combination pill I had heart palpitations and chest pain in the centre moving to the left. I now experience it during my cycle with a cough however I was told in my case it could be a panic attack.

A trick I use for anxiety is meditation, 1st start out with guided then do it yourself, it helps me when I get nervous, I'll just close my eyes and relax for a few seconds however it takes practice in order to get to the point where you can calm down faster. Another thing is have something you can roll in your hand such as a crystal (rose quartz or amethyest are my favorite) and just focus on that, the weight the texture even the color.

For acid reflux have you tried ginger, peppermint tea, or tums? I think the pain might be acid reflux, I pop tums a lot and they calm the pain down most of the time.

Best wishes:)

Oh yes I've had this since having endo. Been hospitalised and had ECGs etc and they couldn't find anything except gastritis and anxiety. I always found it worse before/during periods. Peppermint tea is great for this.

I also tried yoga and the breathing exercises help me too. In slowly for 5 out slowly for 8.

Sounds like you have reflux too. I also take Landoprazole for acid reflux and the chest pains etc are much better since being on this. I would ask your Gp if you can try it. You may find a big difference. My prob was and is still that I'm so anxious I'm usually scared to try any new tablet!

Hope it soon eases x

Hi, I get this too. I'm actually quite relieved to see that other people do too! I am Not sure whether mine is endo related, I also suffer from quite bad health anxiety which can take over quite greatly at times. But I can tick most of the things you've put in your post. Fluttering and rapid heart beat, to the point where if I'm Having a really bad panic it can make me feel quite lightheaded and dizzy, thus adding to my anxiety levels and making me panic even more. I also get some pains that are relieved by short sharp bursts of burping.

I try to control my breathing, 3 seconds in 4 seconds out, and I always have rescue remedy somewhere close by. I do notice an improvement if i reduce the amount of coffee I drink. Caffeine is a major contributor for me to my anxiety levels. I'm also finding being in new situations a bit of a trigger for me lately, which is annoying as I'm 36 and already have enough to deal with with everything that endometriosis is throwing my way. Be kind to yourself always, if you're only 5 weeks post op you've still got healing to do. I reckon it almost a year before I felt fully over my operation. Don't underestimate the shock an operation can have on your system! Xx

Yep me too, I get identical symptoms, I have anxiety and panic and IBS along with endo. Really noticing a trend, even the calmest of people with endo get anxiety, it is a massively neglected area of treatment and research!


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It really is I didn't think it could possibly be anxiety related until I kept feeling anxious for no reason and my mum said she suffers with anxiety and palpatations. I'm a very laid back person but when it comes to health or my body I panic a lot xxx

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I think Endo messes with our hormones so much that it breaks our calm button! I am a fairly logical and laid back person but since my endo has progressed my anxiety has been getting worse, I have had no trauma in my life accept endo so it can only be that!

I hope you find a way to be calm xx (and then share it with me because my chest pain is driving me bonkers!!) xx

Hi all, thank you so much for responding it's a relief to see I'm not alone and I'm sorry your all going trough this also!

I was thinking of trying yoga or tai chi to learn to calm myself when I feel overwhelmed because I find it difficult to take my mind off things. I try tums etc but nothing works as good as fresh ginger tea or burping.

But yes I get lightheaded also particularly when I panic! The chest pain I feel I also feel in my back sometimes or around my shoulder blade problem is I suffer with chronic sinusitis (headaches, nasal drip, cough), I get left arm pain and which they say is related to an issue in my neck but I get this pain if I'm anxious, acid reflux, costochondritis (inflammation of cartilage that joins ribs to sernum). It's all stuff that comes and goes so when it comes back it makes me anxious, it's a vicious circle.

I have to say I tried the breathing this morning an it helped a lot so thank you guys xxx

HI Racheymoon, do you know if you have endo on the diaphragm? I have had breathing problems and am also tachycardic during surgeries, and a lot of hiccups and have been told these are potentially to do with the involvement of diaphragm.

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Mewbookitty in reply to ccorti

Hi there, not that I know of I've never had a scan and I don't think they've ever looked at high up. Funny you mention the hiccups I seem to suffer with them more than anyone I know sometimes lasting 2-3 days at a time! X

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ccorti in reply to Mewbookitty

If you've had laparoscopies before, they would have definitely seen it, that's how mine was diagnosed. But yes I get really bad hiccups to the point where they make me throw up if my stomach is full.

Hi girls,

After 1 pack of cigarettes, I got dizzy, chest pain, choking sensation, stinging heart, pulse 140 bpm and I have not seen with the right eye. During this time I arrived at the Emergency Hospital, where I was given infusions and administered a calcium blocker. This episode lasted about 2 hours. The dizziness persisted for a small part the next day, after which he recovered.

After a few months, I started to take Progesteron (Visanne) and felt strong punctures in the chest with spasms of pain. I was consulted by a lot of dr. and the single one problem was found is a sinusal tahicardia. No medicamentation given.

Very strange..

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