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I don't want a hand out but is there anywhere that can give me financial help before I have my op?

I have no savings but debts a daughter to support and don't even have enough money to carpet my bedroom where I guess I'm gonna be in there alot recovering after my op. My credit history is bad so can't get loan and I'm not on benefits so can't get social or crisis loan, is there anywhere else I could try just to sort a few bills cause I'm scared to answer phone sometimes because I think it's creditors chasing for missed payments even when I had my last episode and was in hospital which I told them but they don't care! I don't want to worry about money anymore I want to have my op and get better (in a nice room with carpet on the floor) not stress that I need to get back to work? Am I being a bit over the top sorry if I come across that way x

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Really wish I could help and be more informative, as I know what's it's like to have no money! (Going through the same) what I'm relying on is working through agencies and working bank. This is beneficial as the usually pay a lot more for one shift or per hour (depending on what you do) and you can choose your own shifts! I usually have days where I wake up in pain but can wake up the next day and work a shift and feel OK. You could try apply for statutory sick pay while you recover from your op if your employer doesnt offer it. Cash converters/generators and places like shoppacheck offer loans with bad credit historys so try those also. Good luck xxxx


Please go to your nearest citizens advice bureau as they can take you through the best options and see what benefits you can apply for.You may qualify for Employment and Support allowance, Personal IndependencePayment. Depending on where you are there may be charities eg Salvation Army.Where we are we have a local charity which donates furniture,carpets,white goods to those in need .Try Freecycle - a nationwide organisation where you can offer,request items - carpet?

DO NOT under any circumstances take out a payday loan or any other loan with massive interest rates.

Local advocacy charities can also provide help-they would match you up with a volunteer who could work alongside you eg to try and get out of debt,apply for benefits.Itall depends on where you are but citizens advice is the first call.

You are not alone and no you are not over the top.Endo is a horrid horrid disease to have to live with and any stress on top of the stresses it already creates makes it all seem unbearable.

Moneysaving expert is the greatest website ever -I will give you all the advice you need.I have managed to half my electricity bills and phone internet by haggling as suggested on this website.

You are not alone and there is a lot of online info and help out there.It is just knowing where and being able to access it.I was housebound for a long time and used citizens advice email system to get some legal advice.Not all bureaus will do his but you can phone if unable to get out.

Though you are feelling alone,in pain and hopeless there is hope and there islots of support on here.Sometimes you click with someone and then can go on to emailing privately.

Hope you get more replies and sending you a big hug.


Oh bless you, I really feel for you and I completely agree with the advice that daffodil gave. Don't be afraid to ask for help from people. I know that if it weren't for my fiancé, I'd be struggling financially so you are not judged by any of us endo girls for your situation.

If I lived near you I'd bring you carpet...

Have you looked at argos for some cheap rugs you could perhaps get one and put it beside your bed or one big enough to fit the room?


Thanks girls I just want to be all sorted and feel cosy. I wonder how long I will b off work? I may need to find something less active tbh x


join freegle and freecycle. post a message about wanting a carpet. Easter hols spring cleaning coming up - people better off than us investing in new furniture and carpets...and getting rid of perfectly decent ones for free. If you don't mind colour its a great way to get stuff. You would have to collect it but its free.


Sorry to hear about your circumstances !

Id defo speak to DWP about any benefits you may b entitled too. I got employment support allowance when i was ill . Or a crisis loan from the goverment.

Defo try to avoid getting into more debt & 2 nd the comment about avoiding at all cost payday loans !!!!!!

Ive been homeless, penniless & jobless so i understand the stress !

Big hugs !!!


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