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Prostap- pros and cons?

I've been diagnosed with endometriosis and have had some tissue removed during a laparoscopy. The pain and bleeding before hand was awful. This procedure was only yesterday so I am yet to see any changes!

They have recommended I start trying for a family early as my chances now with endo are already slightly lower, and will continue to decrease over time. Eventually they've said they'll need to perform a full hysterectomy on me as soon as I've had all the children I want. Obviously this thought is terrifying as I'm only 22 years old!

They said in the mean time they'd like to try me with prostap, but having read some of the side effects I'm getting quite put off the idea!

I'm debating whether to try it or just keep taking pain killers and going in for laparoscopies over the next few years.

Would anyone recommend it?


Holly xx

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Hi hunni, so sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with this debilitating disease. Were you seen by a general gynaecologist or one that specializes in endometriosis? Most general gynaecologists' offer this as a cure or treatment but its not and pain can still come back with vengeance as I know only too well myself. There's a lady on here called Lindle please read her posts an Search for a BSGE specialist that is completely experienced with this disease. Also I've had endometriosis since I was a child and have had three beautiful children. So please, please get yourself more informed, look at Lindles post's and don't jump into any rash decisions. Love and hugs xxxx


Thank you for your advice! I saw a general gynaecologist but I'm due to see an endo specialist in around 6 weeks to discuss more options. I just wanted to do a little of my own research so I was prepared for what they tell me during the appointment.

Thank you xxxx


That's good then that you are seeing an Endo specialist. I would definitely look at Lindles posts she's extremely clued up where endometriosis is concerned and has been a real help to me. Good luck 🍀 sweetie xxx

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Hi - it is against NHS regulations to give prostap to a woman under 23 years of age as you won't have reached your maximum bone density yet so that question is answered. Have they told you why they will be giving you a hysterectomy after having had children as this in not a cure for endo?

I'm afraid you are being advised completely inappropriately. You say that some tissue was removed so presumably not all and was it really removed or 'ablated' by heat treatment? Do you know where they found endo and where are you in the UK as treatment options vary. x


Hi, that's good to know it's not something I'll have to consider for another year then. And I think it was ablated by heat but I'm not 100% sure. I was only informed briefly by a nurse after surgery, and with coming round from the anaesthetic I couldn't take much in. I was told I would be told about the next steps and options after meeting with the surgeon so I'm afraid I don't know much more as of yet! I'm not sure where the endo was found but I'm based in Liverpool x


Is the specialist you are going to see an an BSGE endo centre? If I were you I'd get a copy of the lap report from your GP so you are armed with the knowledge of exactly what was found and done. You have a good choice of endo centres up there and can choose where you go. Come back when you get the report. x


I'm not sure yet actually, they said they have specialists in the Liverpool women's hospital, so I think I'm just waiting for the appointment letter to come through to find out where it is. But as soon as I know I will definitely go and get the report from my GP!

Thank you for the advice xx


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