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Dealing with work!

Hi all, I'm new to this site...

I've recently had a laparoscopy and some treatment for what was described as 'mild' endo. Well, it may be mild but my god the pain is not!

I've been suffering with painful periods for years, but over the past 2 years it's become unbearable and accompanied with gastro/ stomach issues. Every month I am literally doubled over in pain for a good 48hrs, literally feel I could rip my insides out! After a trip to emergency GP, I was finally referred to a gynaecologist. He did a scan, said I had a cyst but didn't think there was Endo. He suggested I have a baby and see if that helped!!! I put my foot down and eventually I was given a laparoscopy.

I had some Endo treated but I don't really feel any better.

Im 33 and literally been on the pill since I was about 13, I came off 2 years ago. I don't want to go back on as my partner and I are considering children.

Anyway, my point is - no pain killers seem to help and I'm out of action every month for 48hrs.

I work as a police officer in a very male dominated environment and I'm struggling to explain how I feel and the effect my condition/ period is having on me. I've had a lot of time off and I'm really struggling.

Anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions how best to tackle it?

Thanks :)

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Hey so you clearly have endo mild or not, did they treat the endo you do have ? I am yet to have a lap but know how you feel. For about 10 days a month I am in pain with 3 or 4 days being really bad. I've only just started telling close friends about it but no way can I talk to my boss about it. Was it a normal gynea that done surgery ? Some say you are best off going to a bsge specialist centre xxx


Yes, when I woke up from the laparoscopy they told me they'd removed some mild endo on both sides (they do this by burning it off I think!)

It was a normal gynaecologist that did it.

I have mild pain most the month, but suffer with really upset stomach a lot and indigestion which I've been told could be linked. Then 48hrs I could literally die I'm in agony!


Ohhh not nice. I get mild pain before & after period. Back ache, sharp pains, twinges then a couple of days I get it bad. So your lap didn't help ? I'm dredding having mine done if I get one. I'm scared they're going to say it's bad I really want children in a few years it's the thought worse than anything xx


I am the biggest medical baby going. I hate needles, hospital, the lot! The GA was worse than the lap. I was on pain killers for a day or two and I felt out of it for about 10days after the GA but my period pain is worse than the pain from the lap!

Apparently there is no correlation between pain and how mild or severe the pain is. You'll be fine. At least you know....!!!

Good luck :) X


Hi, I would say you should get referred to an endo specialist in a BSGE centre, the best treatment fir endo is to excise it(remove from root ) not burn/laser( this inly shaves off top )

Regards to work, print off some derails from th nhs endo site or endo uk site, take it to your work and then they have it on file,

Good luck


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Ok, thank you. How do I go about getting referred?


Hi - it would be useful to know where you had endo - I suggest you get a copy of the operative report sent to your GP. The location of your endo might have a bearing on the IBS symptoms. Unfortunately women are far more prone to IBS than men as it is hormone related as so is often very over-diagnosed as the cause of other medical problems that might co-exist including endo. Burning with diathermy just treats the mildest endo as it only 'treats' the surface and active endo can remain beneath. Once they've burned it there is no way of knowing if they have destroyed it all in any given place. Also general gynaecologists often miss endo as it can have so many appearances and can be hidden in the many folds of peritoneum (abdominal lining). One endo specialist describes it as like looking for a coin in a heap of crumpled sheets - you would have to meticulously unfold and inspect every tiny crease to be sure to find a;ll the endo and would also need to be skilled enough to know what you are looking at.

Your symptoms have worsened since coming off the pill 2 years ago which is predictable. The pill doesn't necessarily control endo in all women and it can still slowly progress with symptoms masked and severe disease revealing itself later in life, but it does aim to prevent ovulation and you don't have the high peaks of oestrogen for several days round mid cycle which are likely to send endo into overdrive. As you were on it for 20 years and your endo does sound to be mild it seems to have worked well for you. Your IBS symptoms have coincided with this, all of which indicates that coming off the pill has now allowed your endo to progress unchecked. There is still little known about the pathogenesis of endo and if/how endo implants may communicate with the uterine lining to influence pain with periods, but unfortunately the bad periods are more likely to be caused by you having cycles again - the sudden withdrawal of progesterone prior to a period causes the release of inflammatory factors (prostaglandins) and as you are wanting to get pregnant you unfortunately have to have these 'normal' cycles.

In terms of your endo it is early days for assessing the effects of surgery but if at some point you want more thorough investigations have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre. But for now I think you need to discuss with your partner when you want to TTC because unfortunately coming off the pill has brought these symptoms with it.

You could try some diet changes to help reduce inflammation - such as changing from mass produced milk to milk from jersey cows, sheep or goats. One of the major inflammatory factors in modern life is A1 casein found in milk from Holstein-Friesian cows. The natural casein in cow's milk prior to breeding for mass production is A2 casein and this doesn't have an inflammatory effect and this is the casein found in the products above. Other members may have other measures that have worked for them while having to endure periods while TTC.


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