endometriosis sucks . Anyone had a colonoscopy?

Hi everyone I'm just new to this posting but have read lots if posts on here before. I was first diagnosed with endometriosis when I had a laparoscopy 7 ish years ago and they had to remove my right ovary and tube. Exactly a year later I had another lap to remove more endo from the entry site as scar tissue had endo on it. Fast forward a few years moved abroad to Australia and had another lap there to remove endo again and flush left tube and ovary out and low and behold two month later I'm pregnant. Pregnancywas great as all symptoms disappeared and then about 2-3 years ago they started again but worse and different this time around. I' Bleed out my back passage. Go between constipation or Diarhea. Pelvic pain. Pain during intercourse. Shoulder pain. Head ache . Extreme exhaustion you name it I have suffered it. I've also seen many a male doc who's told me I have ibs and I've literally wanted to punch him in the face for telling me it's ibs and that I don't have endo even though a biopsy and mri have confirmed this. Anyways I guess what I'm getting at is has anyone had a colonoscopy as they've said I need one first before my next laparoscopy . I'm a bit worried about getting it done. Thanks in advance for your replies. Sick of people thinking I'm fine because I look ok on the outside but they can't see how it makes me feel inside. Xx

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  • Hi Kelly - yes I've had a colonoscopy and the hardest thing I found was taking the bowel prep beforehand. The colonoscopy itself wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I did opt for sedation and very strong pain relief though. Don't worry about it you'll get through it xx

  • i had one - no sedatives and no real probs - its a little uncomfortable. the worst for me was the bleeding from the biopsies which went on for 2 months until i got steroids which stopped it. as you will have an enema to clear you out i think it is important to take pro-biotics afterwards to get your gut flora back on track. you can buy them from health food stores or on line - eating natural yogurt is good but it must say bio live on the label.

  • Hi Kelly! I have recently diagnosed coeliac disease so am used to colonoscopies, they're honestly absolutely nothing to worry about, the worst bit is drinking the prep but even that isn't actually bad. I just daydreamed about what I'd eat when I got home - I was sooooo hungry!!! It doesn't hurt at all it's just a weird sensation. Hope it goes well x

  • Thanks for the replies ladies. I've heard the worst bit is the bowl prep beforehand. I think they're trying to rule out chrohns and ulcerative colitis first also even though mri confirmed I have endo on my bowels. I've been having stool sample and blood test which is putting my platelets and globulin high and they've said it's showing inflammation in my body but said it could be related to endo. So waiting for colonoscopy and then laparoscopy . Geordie girl 78 which hosp you being treat under ? I'm Newcastle area too and at rvi for appts and I'm quite relieved as they've been good and have a good gyne team. Xxx

  • Hi Kelly

    I don't actually live in Newcastle anymore....really glad you've got a good gynae team xx

  • Worse part it the bowel prep...I had colonoscopy as I got admitted to hospital, they originally thought chrons or colitis...after multiple tests they're putting it down to my endo...2 surgeries later and getting worse, they're now contemplating a hysterectomy. I hope you have success and answers from your colonoscopy chick... Rvi is awesome just a massive wait between appointments

  • So sorry to hear hear you've been through and hope they can get it sorted for you soon! I'm just awaiting my appt for colonoscopy just hope it's not ages away but also gets in plenty of time to tell my boss. Not idealbut only been at my.new job for 6 months xxx

  • Aww chick hope it comes soon so you get answers. The team is awesome there. U never know could see yourself around. You've done amazing with everything you've gone through, here's hoping they get u sorted soon x

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