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Heavy bleeding

I had a lap and excision in April 2015 followed by 4 months of Prostap. I then tried Cerazette but had constant spotting and other negative effects. My heavy bleeding and pain has returned and the Consultant (an endometriosis specialist) wishes to try Mirena (fitted under general anaesthetic). I'm apprehensive because I have read bad things about Mirena online. But then if it doesn't agree with me I could have it removed. I'm unsure what to do and if any ladies who have experience of Mirena or alternatives I would be very grateful for advice X

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hi janine. i have the same dilemma myself. ive not really heard many success stories from friends and the thought of trying it for 6 months frightens me. just wondered if you had decided either way? are you wanting also to preserve your fertility?


I had decided to give it a go but I now have some symptoms which suggest an ovarian cyst. I'm going for an ultrasound but if it is a cyst it will make me think twice about Mirena because it can cause cysts and this has been very painful. In relation to fertility I would prefer to preserve it but I'm not currently trying as I'm single at the moment X


i was a bit sceptical myself as i have read it causes cysts and i already have endometriotic ones. i wonder if they scan you after it is inserted to check? hope they dont make u wait too long for your scan. x x



I had the mirena inserted in April 14 after a lap, i can't say it caused me any issues as such, had no periods at all since but I do have a solid cyst on my left ovary which is being removed along with the ovary by laparotomy.

Just to make it clear, this cyst was there before but at the time was only 2cm and for whatever reason they decided to leave it in.

It is very much a personal choice but you really have nothing to lose by trying it, some ladies swear by it.

Good luck x


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