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Work hassling me whilst off sick?

I have been off work since November when I had surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary, I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and am being tested for other things atm! I am really not well and can hardly do anything at all at the moment.

I have kept in contact with my work, telling them how I am and what's going on and they have been understanding and ok with me being off but over the last week or two they keep emailing me asking me to go online and complete loads of different training, they require a little exam at the end of each one and I'm really not up to concentrating for that long right now. Are my work allowed to keep asking me to do this? Even though I am off sick, I don't know where I stand with it all.

Thanks :)

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I just replied to this then I lost my message. So annoying. But anyways I'll try again.

I had my op on the 6th January and it is my first day back at work today!! Hope I won't be too tired by Saturday.

Have a look at this website m.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?ar...

And also fitforwork.org

They have a live Web chat which is really useful.

Can I ask why you have been signed off for so long? We're there complications?

Hope the links help!

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Thanks :)

Well my actual op was okay, I had a lot of pain in my scar for a while after, I'm a nursery nurse aswell so quite a hard job to do after surgery. I'm still off now due to my chronic fatigue (ME) don't know if you have heard of this condition, but it affects your immune system ect so takes me longer to get back to myself again, both my ovaries are also really enlarged so I'm having tests done for them atm and I've also had blood in my stool so had blood tests for that yesterday! Just a bunch of health reasons as to why I'm still off lol :).

Hope work goes well for you! Just take it easy and hopefully you will be okay on Saturday! X


My mum was a nursery nurse and also had endo, and I know how hard it was for her. You can't stop kiddies throwing themselves at you.. and if you need to pick them up, goodness I can't even imagine.

Have your other conditions and issues come as a result of endometriosis?

If you do do online tests like you mentioned from home. Your work are meant to carry out a risk assessment by a health and safety officer. That's what I was told, by someone on the fit for work website, my job is all computer based so my work did want me to work from home. But even if I could sit in a chair all day long the mental side to it would have put a strain on me. And I honestly believe stress makes my endo pain worse.

You definitely need to find out your stuff and do some research and then mention it to work.. in a nice way and then they may back off.


Hi I am a hr manager so just a little bit of advice . No work can not be expecting you to do any of this !!! It's shocking . Are you in the union ? If not just write to them and remind them you are of sick and unable to work so you are unable to do what they request . Sometimes you get the shitty manager who feels they can treat people how they want. !!!! Is there a hr section where you work ? Do pm me if you want X good luck and I do hope you feel better very soon .


Hun, has your gp ever tested you for coeliac disease? I was told I had ME/CFS, but turns out they hadn't done the right blood tests to identify the markers for coeliacs (can be managed by a gluten free diet)... it's really worth asking - trust me xx


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