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Getting paid while off sick/SSP?

Hi all, I went to Occupational Health recently who agreed that I am not fit to work due to my Endo, I've now been off work since the beginning of November (I think this is my 5th week off). I had a review with my manager and HR, they felt it's best for me to be signed off for the whole of December (as I already had the majority of it booked as holiday anyway) and discuss potentially coming back to work in January. While it's lovely to be able to rest properly and try to get my pain under control, I'm feeling extremely stressed about pay. They're going to pay me full pay until January, then I'll only receive half pay - I know this is better than no pay at all, but it really doesn't leave me with much money after essential bills/rent to eat, buy tampons, medication etc. I'm also worried that it'll be worse when I can return to work because after travel I'll be left with £8 for the whole month.

I've looked around and I'm not sure if I'm just being stupid or if my stress levels are just blocking my brain cells, but I don't really understand how Statutory Sick Pay works and whether I'll receive it. Will I automatically receive SSP on top of my wages paid (so I'll receive half my wages from my employer then SSP will be added to it)? Or will I just receive half of my wages?

I'm desperate to return to work not just for my wages but for my own sanity and pride, however I know that they're concerned with me working on such strong medication and while I' clearly unwell. I'm on a waiting list for a laparoscopy, but it's going to be at least 4 months before I can have it done. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next moth, let alone 4.

Thanks for any help xx

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SSP is a nightmare, so complicated to understand! Are you in the UK? Have you tried Citizen's Advice?


I've phoned them before, although not about this, and they've been pretty good at explaining things clearly!

Good luck



I'm glad it's not just me that doesn't understand it! I might give Citizen's Advice a call and see if they can explain it better for me too! Thanks :) xx



you would just get your half pay - ssp is included in this.

ssp is the minimum you can get and is paid to your emplyer . It is about 85 a week. If you are not entitled to anything else you get that. Otherwise it is part of your pay from your employer.

I only get 4 weeks full pay over the year then onto ssp which i am on at the moment. It can be tough but at least you will have more than that - approx 350 a month - coming in.

good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

x x


Hey thanks for explaining! They make things so confusing to understand sometimes. At least I know roughly how much I'll be getting in and can try to plan around it. I hope you get better soon too xx


Ta, and like you say often it's the not knowing.

see if there is anything you could get meds wise to help you through the next 4months - hormonal or painkillers. It is also worth saying you will take a cancellation on short notice. I got my last one about 7 weeks early as I took a cancellation on a few days notice.

It is worth bearing in mind you will need time off post lap too. It could be just a week or two if not much is done. However one of my laps I was off for 8 weeks as so much work had been done with rectovaginal nodules removed, excision and laser of extensive endo, breakdown of adhesions etc

plus make sure you don't loose out on your holiday pay. You now can't go from sick to holiday. So you will still have your holiday to take, or get paid in lieu.

Just worth bearing in mind in your calculations

X x


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