Is anyone else struggling with time off work??

Last month I was curled up in agony and my doctor told me I couldn't work, I have an appointment every two weeks were he proceeds to sign me off as he can tell I'm still very uncomfortable! After weeks of rest I'm still uncomfortable but don't feel awful! I want to go back to work but the doctor thinks my job will aggravate it to me being in agony and off work again, but I'm so fed up of being off!

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  • I hear you!!! I currently 4 weeks off work and signed off for another 2 weeks, getting mighty fed up, everyone thinks a should be lovin it but I enjoy my job and can't wait to get back to some normality.

    I had a lap 3 weeks ago so really hopefully will be fit for work at the end of this sick note period, I must say I'm really lucky though because my employers have been amazing!!!

    You really need a solution to your pain, whilst I think it's great that your Gp understands your pain and worrys enough to sign you off, I think you need to be referred and treated by an expert xxx

  • Hi, I been having the same problem before I had my lap and treatment, I got pulled up at work for it coz I was ill every single month and it was a week at a time. But now I have been diagnosed that it is endometriosis, I think my work will understand that I wasn't faking the time off ill. But they have been patient and understanding, I am 2 weeks post op and it's driving me crazy but if I know if I rush it, I will be ill again and run down. There is so much film, tv and things you can do around the house, coz if you try and do too much, I will need a nap lol. Hope you get sorted hun xx

  • Thank you very much! I've been off work now for about four weeks and I'm still pushing to try get my lap done! It's like no one knows what there doing and I keep getting signed off as he said because I'm a care worker I can't do my job

  • I'm a care worker hun trust me wen say I struggle every day 12 hrs a day to do my job I find tho I'm in a little bit less pain wen I'm at work n more pain wen I'm at home so I prefer working so I understand my employer cnt no anything about endometriosis so it makes it harder 4 me but depending on what pain relief they given u ID go bk in work then no shame if it gets worse u tried xxxx

  • The problem is if I come back off work because I'm unable to work again they'll be angry as they'll have to cover all my shifts as I'm community I'm alone most of the time and it's harder to cover all my calls

  • I've been off four months. I hoping I can finally go back in a week

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