Calling in sick at work dilema

God I'm in a dilemma. I am in agony and have been on liquid morphine all weekend. I've been having nightmares about work because I've been so stressed the last few weeks because we are being inspected today. My dilemma is I'm really ill but don't dare call in sick as I had a disciplinary for my sickness record back in January. Since then I've had one day off.

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  • You cannot help being ill. I'm assuming they're aware of your illness? You won't perform if you're that poorly. If you've only had 1 day off since Jan then I wouldn't worry about calling in sick hun xx

  • Hi I understand your concern, having worked for companies with abscence policies. This should be classed as an underlying illness, and should exempt from counting towards a trigger as they are called, your employer should support you and make ends to ensure you are able to perform your job. If you can get a letter from your doctor or consultant to back you up. xx

  • I did this for the same reasons,i pushed and pushed my body until i was collapsing several times a week at work because of stage 4 endo and severe endo.I was being abused by customers too as i looked so ill,however i thought i was hiding it well until i was found uncouncious on the toilet floor.I am now going for a hysterectomy next week and have been off sick 8 week.I now see it was rather silly but i refused to fail and totally understand why i did it,but will not go back till i am well.

  • The equality and diversity act 2010 should cover you at work for endometriosis , I work for the nhs and am on my last warning before dismissal but union rep has told me that it's very hard to get rid of anyone with a long term chronic condition like endo as it can be seen as discrimination.

  • It is very difficult - the employer has to prove that they've made every possible reasonable adjustment to improve your attendance, and that you would be unable to do your job at any point in the foreseeable future, which would be very tricky.

    I believe that some sectors of the NHS still offer ill health retirement which might be something to consider if things get really bad. I worked for a company that didn't have that option but I took something called a compromise agreement where you agree to take an amount of money in exchange for signing a document saying you won't sue them.

  • Firstly, regardless of what happened last year, of you've only had one day off sick this year then you should not be worried about calling in sick. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may be classed as disabled as defined by the equality act, which means that your employer would need to make reasonable adjustments for you - this might include disregarding endo related absences from their absence procedure, adjusting your hours, allowing home working and so on.

    I completely understand as I went through the same in my last job - I went through negotiating adjustments and so on but they made my life miserable and in the end I took some money to leave. I now run my own business.

    If possible, call in sick until you're better and speak to your manager or HR when you get back - if possible, ask to be sent to their occupational health doctor so they can assess whether you'd be classed as disabled and hopefully get some back up from them. My employers sent me to four different doctors hoping to get a different decision and fought me all the way but I had a lot of support from the doctors.

  • Thank you so much for all your kind advice. I've made an appointment to see a union rep next week for some advice. A miracle happened and I managed to get to work today.

  • This so needs to be classed as a disability and fast! Reading the appalling way women with this life wrecking condition are treated does nothing to encourage those currently out of work due to Endometriosis and Adhesions to venture back into the workforce fearing they will be discrimated against for something they have no control over.

  • I have the same problem I get made to feel guilty

    It's not good when you feel like that there only

    One place in bed. Health comes before work

    I can see my p45 in my Xmas card this year

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