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6 weeks after surgery πŸ™‚

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Hi everyone, I had my first lap on the 14th December, my consultant informed me after my procedure that I had severe endo, on my bowel, pelvic wall, Adhesions throughout my abdo and stomach. I had a large cyst removed and my right fallopan tube. My uterus is reported to be very bulky. My endo nurse informed me last Tuesday that my endo is very complex. I was in hospital for 2 days. I'm still off work I had a sick note for 12 weeks, due to the intensive surgery ( I was in surge for over 2 hours. All I can say is everyday it's like 3 steps forward and another 5 back! I was commenced on Zaledex injections before I left the ward. I have recently had my second injection. The Zoledex has left me with major side effects...night and day sweats, insomnia and bone pain all over. My consultant does not want me to have hrt as this will awake my overies and she doesn't want to do that. I'm waiting for the endo nurse to speak to the consultant to discuss. I meet with my consultant in March. My GP has prescribed sleeping tablets: Zopiclone but they just don't help. I just want to say things do get better but it can be slow progress. My lap sites have been terrible, these disposable stitches just take forever.. My two lower lap sites are very sore. So far I've had really good treatment and a plan of action is on the cards when I see my consultant towards the end of March. Anyway hope this gives others who access this site reassurance and confidence to never feel you can't question a medic/ consultant, it's your body don't be fobbed off.

Take care ladies

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Hi lindle, after surgery the consultant came to me on the ward and informed me I have severe endo, they said it is wide spread. I was giving hrt on the ward after discharge but got a telephone call to inform me to stop it as the consultant wants my overies to sleep rather than be stimulated by the hrt. I'm not sure how long I have to have the Zoledex but my side effects have been bad; bone pain, terrible sweats night and day and insomnia. Because I can't sleep my GP prescribed zopiclone and tramadol for the bone pain. How would I no if it's a endo Specilist? I met last Tuesday with an endo Specilist nurse she gave me my second Zoledex. The nurse did say she was going to speak to the consultant to ask for another medication to go alongside the Zoledex, I'm still waiting for her to contact me. The nurse read my medical notes and reported that my endo is complex and they can't just give me hrt. Any advice would be beneficial as I feel like a hormonal wreck, I'm taking everything they telling me as correct.

Thanks x

Hi yes I certainly will thanks for your support x

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