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After hysterectomy bleeding

I had a total hysterectomy only two weeks ago after 22 years of suffering with heavy bleeding pelvic pain and endometriosis and I'm 34 now...i was told a little staining would happen up to six weeks maybe..but everytime I get out of bed or go to toilet i can feel it coming out of me and such pressure..also the pain of going to actual toilet is horrendous..has anyone had similar? Sorry for TMI im just a little worried..

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Hi Caroline - it sounds very much like you may have a prolapse of some pelvic structure that has fallen down as a result of the hysterectomy. There are many articles about it but the quotes below are from the following:


'If a woman has had her womb (uterus) removed (a hysterectomy), or other gynaecological surgery, she may be more likely to develop GU prolapse. This is because the surgery may have weakened the ligaments, pelvic floor muscles and other support structures for the pelvic organs. However, with new advances in surgical techniques, including keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, this is becoming less of a problem.

There are certain symptoms that women with all types of prolapse can have. These include a feeling of a lump in your vagina or having a feeling of something 'dragging' or 'coming down'. You may actually be able to feel a lump or protrusion. You may experience pain in your vagina, back or tummy (abdomen). Sometimes, you may also notice a discharge from your vagina, which may be blood-stained or smelly. Sex may be uncomfortable or painful. Symptoms are usually worse after long periods of standing and they improve after lying down.

You may have bowel symptoms if your prolapse affects the rear (posterior) part of your pelvis (your rectum). Symptoms may include:

Difficulty passing stools (faeces) and having to strain to pass stools.

Feeling a sudden urge to pass stools.

A feeling that your bowels have not emptied fully.

Incontinence of stools.

Passing lots of wind.

A feeling of a blockage or an obstruction whilst you are passing stools.

The need to push on, or around, your vagina or perineum to enable stools to pass.'

I should go to your hospital if you can to have it checked out.

I know you have had a difficult journey to this point and if you have any continuing endo problems in the future come back to us but at the moment you need to get this sorted. x

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Gosh!! I am having a total hysterectomy in 9 days and your information (which is very good) has put me off now. I suppose I will really need to do the exercises the physio will give me post op!

K x

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I'm sorry for putting you off katrina what I do have to say is I don't have the same pain as endo pain..its after an operation pain and it's only been two weeks I just need to rest up more as I was pushing myself more than I should be..xx


I actually did go and get checked out cause I was worried..but no prolapse they said the stitches inside are dissolving and everything knitting together so I can bleed up to 6 weeks..and the pressure is because of this also..so Ive been told I've probably been moving around to much and just need to rest up more even when I feel better to take it slower..and I got speaking to another girl yesterday and she said she went through same thing but it's been 8 months post op and she feels brilliant now..so I'm being Postive on this..xx


Glad to hear you're feeling better and going to rest. I'm having a total hysterectomy too in 2 weeks. I'm almost 33 so similar age and had rough time with periods, pain and endo since I was about 14yrs old. I hope it proves successful for you xx

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I wish you s the best for operation..!! Let me know how you get on..Honestly the difference in resting up more has really helped I have done nothing these last few days..The bleeding has died down and have my appetite back...my mood has lifted and I'm actually excited now for this year..! Xx


Ah Caroline I am really glad to hear that you are feeling much better and glad you have rested.

You sound really positive which is wonderful and I am glad you do...without wanting to sound cheesy - this could be your year, new beginnings! Take care xx

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Thank you !! and I know you will feel that way too..positive vibes and sending love your way xxx


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