Precancerous cells

Do I need to worry?

I'd totally forgot about my smear in November, letter came 2 days ago saying I have severe, high grade dyskaryosis, pre cancerous cells in neck of the womb. Last November they were only mild, the lowest, how can they progress so quickly?

Do I need to be worrying that it will come back each year and progress quickly?

What are the chances of it coming again when I'm older?

Will I need a hysterectomy later to stop it happening? I'm 26 and no children yet.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Really didn't expect this :( and the A-holes had FORGOT to post my results, hence 7 weeks for the letter to get to me!!

So pissed off as I have gone private and had a surgery for the 4th Feb and Ive had to cancel it and now it's the 18th March because I need 6 weeks for my cervix to heal, fed up now. Sorry for little rant xxx

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Hi, I had high grade few years ago at entrance to uterus.. I had a colposcopy to remove.

When I went to gaeny to see why im bleeding and in pain during sex.. He checked incase it returned even though my smear was clean..he said it was all healthy and no sign of it.

I hope this helps in a way? I've had clean smears ever since. Even though they say to have yearly .. I actually go every 6months or so just to be on the safe side. Im paranoid like that lol.

Thank you so much, that puts my mind at ease! Glad yours are always clear now, I was thinking of going every 6 months too! Thank you again xx

Back 4 yrs ago I had abnormal cells and ended up having a loop biopsy done which removed the bad cells. I immediately went on 6 monthly checks for 1 yr then moved on to yearly which I will be on for 10 yrs, touch wood mine have been clear since. Just makesure you do go for your regular checks to ensure if it does return it can be treated quickly. Good luck x

Thank you for your reply! So glad your results are clear, I'll make sure I go often. Thank you xx

A close friend of me had the same and has also been all clear since so I guess they do the job and get rid of all nasty cells. I still get very nervous before every smear and I am like that until I receive the results. Good luck x

Thank you for your reply! X

I'd take Iodine supplements, like Kelp or Iodoral just in case. As well as Curcumin, both fight against malignancies.

Thank you for your reply! I will look into it thank you X

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