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Endo questions

Hi everyone, this is my first time here and I just need to speak to people who suffer with endometriosis who can understand what I am going through!

I have been in pain for years but only had surgery and got diagnosed last August. Since my surgery my pain hasn't gone away and my periods have got worse. My next step is to get the coil fitted. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with this?

Recently I have had bouts of bleeding after intercourse which has never happened before, the other night there was quite a bit which is worrying... Does anyone else have this?

I had to take the morning after pill last night due to the condom failing and now I am in a lot of pain, I think it might be all of the hormones? I currently take co codamol for the pain but try not to take too much of it for obvious reasons.

I guess I just need to talk to people who are going through the same thing. Please, advice and discussions would be very much appreciated :).


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Dear Meg; is great you join the forum, is really important that us as women talk about this issues, because many are kind of Tabu really. I had 3 lapos ops and 4 IVf try many conceptive pills and have now a mirena coil, also suffer discomfort and some pain during and after penetrative sex. This can be not easy to deal with, apart of some phisical pain.Is really emotional not easy, sex suppose to be enjoy it together and not be a worry and less a pain.Some ideas 1) take note of Symptoms ( to show the doctor) degree of pain when you had bleed, etc.. anything. Also writing your feelings can help 2) Good communication with partner to adapt to the situation , pure simple honesty. Sex is fare more than penetrative sex use your creativity and take time to foreplay. 3) In my experience after all my lapos the endo came back, is good idea to take a conceptive pill, here possibly you will have to try many to fund the one good for you, another option is to choose a coil. I had the mirena from August 2015 at the start wasn't easy had plenty of side effect but after some time my body has adapted. go see your GP and be clear, specific and confident about explaining ALL you symptoms. Good luck

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Hi Linda,

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.

My boyfriend is amazing with supporting me so luckily I have him who can understand if there are times I am in pain and don't want to do anything.

The pill is really bad for my hormones/mood swings and it gives me more pain for some reason, I have tried a lot of different ones in the past and all have failed.

I am due to have the coil fitted on 1st March but have contacted the hospital asking if I can have this done sooner as we seem to be having a few issues with condoms recently and whenever I take the morning after pill it gives me a lot of pain and is obviously not good for you anyway.

I have recently moved house which means I have moved doctors so once I am registered with them I will make an appointment!


Nice I can help. If a lot going on your life.be pacient. We endo girls we are sensitive to stress. ButvPlease don't live with pain, us endo warriors have so much to deal with. Ask you doc for ways to deal with all that pains. About condoms what about trying different labels, size and add lubricant, I'm using

organic coconut oil ( Amazon ) not cheap but effective also try the ones from durex not flavour I fell they irritate. Also great to hear you a living a good relationship. Good luck all the best !!!

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We're all very supportive here 😊 You're welcome to read my blog angelpiesite.wordpress.com

We're all at different stages but going through the same thing so ask away! Xx


Thank you very much :) xx


Hi everyone.. My pain has been really awful since I took the morning after pill 3 days ago. My boobs are so so tender its horrible. I am so drained by all of the pain I'm getting. I've taken the morning after pill before but never got the pains to this extent. I came off my period last week so I don't know whether it's because I took the pill so soon after my period ended? Has anyone else had this problem?

The hospital got back to me about fitting the coil before the 1st March (my original appointment) but they booked it on Friday and I am flying to New York the day after! The hospital told me that I would probably be in a bit of discomfort the week of having the coil fitted so I don't think it's a good idea to sit on a plane for 8 hours then go on holiday for 12 days with pain and discomfort! I am feeling a bit stressed! :(


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