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Wound sites?!

Hi I was just wondering if someone could help me I had my laparoscopy two weeks ago yesterday and two of my wound sites are still weeping quite a lot and I'm finding myself changing my dressings everyday to keep it dry which I know I shouldn't be because of the risk of infection. Could anyone give me some indication of wether this is normal?

Thanks in advance 😊😊

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Give your doctors a ring as they can advise you and either send someone out or maybe you may have to go to the doctors. Mine weeped for a while, especially the belly button one, wearing loose fitting clothing helps as there is no pressure on the wound sites and also try to not get too hot as your body will produce sweat which will moisten the wounds xxx


I was the same and I had to be on antibiotics a few times to clear it but it didn't clear so then I had to have further surgery as they found one if my stitches hadn't dissolved and that was the problem- definitely go to your doctor x


After my laparoscopy my wound sites had closed up after 2 weeks. As others have said, I would recommend contacting your doctor, to be sure you don't have an infection or some other problem.


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