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Lap and Sick?

I was meant to have a laparoscopy last year but it was cancelled on the day due to staff illness. Up until that point i was just nervous but not too bad. I have had anaestetic before and i was just tired afterwards. Then i spoke to the specialist before i was scheduled to go in and they said there was a high chance i would be sick as they inflated your tummy which often causes nausea! I completely freaked out then. After it was cancelled I avoided rescheduling as I have a severe phobia of being sick. I have improved a lot as I can deal with nausea its just the vomiting bit. I havent been sick in 9 years and am just really scared of being sick after the op. I am not a sicky person. How many of you have actually been sick after the op? Could you remember it? I know it sounds really trivial but its the only thing holding me back from rescheduling the op

Thanks xx

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Hi I don't think it sounds trivial at all. But if you've had anesthetic before and you were fine chances are you'll be fine this time my mom is always sick after she hates it but I'm like you just feel tired after, I had two laps last year with like you said blowing stomach up but still just woke up tired no sickness the only thing I will say is you get aches from the air trapped but some peppermint tea should help with that. Hope this helps good luck xxxx

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Thank you ☺ just nervous about that really but I know I need the op. Have been having cramps for 10 days now and it's just tiring. Thanks again for your response, it's really appreciated ☺ xx


Hi, I had my lap last week and laser to remove the endo. I wasn't sick once, i did feel nauseous and dizzy when i woke, but as soon as i started eating i was ok. I think its just the blood sugar being low and meds on an empty stomach. I've had 3 other general anaesthetics before for other reasons and this time was no different really, a little more dizzy when i woke but apart from that i'd say my reaction has been pretty much the same all 4 times now. Hope that helps and good luck with your treatment!


I can completely understand why you have been putting it off. I have only ever had anaesthetic once (for my lap) and I was sick afterwards but if it makes it any better it wasn't what I'd call 'proper' sick. I was given 4 different types of anti-sickness and that calmed it quite quickly. I can't even remember much of it as I was on morphine at the time, it was more the pain I remember. I agree with what someone else has put - it's more your reaction to anaesthetic and if you have been ok before then you'll probably be ok. I used to be similar with needles but have had to familiarise myself with them more so I can have them! good luck xx


Hi hun.

I completely understand how you are feeling.

I was really scared about being sick because I struggle with lots of medicines they make me feel nauseated or I am actually sick.

I told the surgeon when she came to see me before my laparoscopy I was really scared I would be sick and she said theu would put some anti sickness I'm my canula.

When I woke up i felt fine drowsy but not even nauseated. About a hour after I had a ginger biscuit and peppermint tea.

Also I think they can keep you topped up with anti sickness in your canula if you need it once you are awake.

It's worth asking hun it was a nurse that told me that I should ask for anti sickness.

I hope this helps xx


I have 3 laps with my 4th due at the end of August and I haven't been or felt sick after any of them there is always a first time I know the worst thing about the gas is the pain in the shoulder for a day or so after but it does go. You need to mention your fears and hopefully you should be given a good anti sickness drug usually mixed with the anesthetiser. Do have the op best of luck x


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