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Hi I was wondering if any endometriosis sufferers have ever had blood in their stool as a symptom? I went to my doctor last week as i suffer severe pain heavy periods bloating nausea, cystic acne and sudden tiredness on my period. In the past I have also had blood in my stool but she assured me that this was not a symptom of endo. However I'm sure I've seen before that it is. She is sending me for a blood test next week as she thinks that is only related to the bowel and the severe pain I'm in is related to the iud I had fitted 7 months ago. 2 years ago I was in hospita with the pain they did an ultrasound and a blood test and couldn't tell me anything and sent me home with painkillers. I'm sure this blood test will show up nothing also.

So is blood in the stool common with those that have been diagnosed or is it something else?

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  • Hi it could be a fissure or a pile. It could also be endo. I've had blood in my stools a few times ( whilst on my period) . Had a camera to try and find out why. They found nothing wrong. A month later I had a lap and was diagnosed with severe endo. Had internal us with specialist sonographer in October and it appears it is infiltrating the bowel and causing a blockage , so this could be why. Hope you find some answers.

  • Blood with stools can definitely be a symptom of endo especially at period time so your GP is typically uninformed. Also your IBS symptoms are typical of endo too, especially at period time as the gut responds to hormone changes and with endo the hormones are out of balance. A very common place for endo is between the back of the vagina and the bowel and when the endo is inflammed at period time it can irritate the bowel and cause bleeding. It is very rare for endo to penetrate the bowel and this sort of bleeding doesn't mean that is the case. Your treatment options will vary depending on where you are in the UK - where are you?

  • Thanks Lindle you explained it a lot better than I could.

  • Hi lindle thank you so much for replying. I am actually based in ireland and I am having huge difficulty finding any info.

  • Hi - you do have an endo centre in Ireland but unfortunately you don't have NHS Choices or the NHS contract as we do in England so you would need to go through the route of referral to a general gynaecologist and then if severe endo and or bowel involvement were suspected then you would need to present a case to your GP or consultant for referral to the centre based on underpinning guidelines that apply to the whole of the UK. I would suggest writing a letter to your GP first to present the evidence that you must be treated as having suspected endo for which there is protocol to be followed that applies to the whole UK. She would be unable to dispute this. I am presently doing some business accounts that have to be submitted soon but can you send me a private message and we'll work on a letter when I'm done. Click my profile and there is a message tab at the top right. x

  • Thank you so much. I am booked in for a blood test next week is there anything that could help pinpoint it?

  • Not really. Your white cell count might show inflammation but this would not necessarily be to do with endo. I should take these tests as eliminating other things.

  • Hello I frequently get blood in stools. I struggle badly with bowels and have all IBS symptoms and think I have it in addition to my endo. Since being on prostap and in a medical menopause my bowel bleeding is hugely reduced and less noticeable and more related to a pile (sorry I know that's gross!) And I can tell a difference in the bleeding too. So yes, definitely a symptom I had / have.

  • Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but just need to talk to someone.

    This has been so frightening and isolating! I've experienced blood in my stools (literally clots on my stool), a red toilet bowl and blood when I wipe during my periods every period since February. It's September now. But no bleeding between periods until I had the Mirena inserted to try help me "manage" this while I wait for my first gynae appointment which is on the 12th of Sept. It has been such a long wait with frightening moments almost daily and I am so frustrated by it all.

    The mirena has resulted in more frequent bleeding both vaginally and then corresponding with my stools. The first thing my GP said when I mentioned the symptoms in Feb was that she can't refer me to a gynae until I've gone for a flexible sigmoidoscopy to look at the left side of the colon. I managed to get an appointment for this in May which came out clear. I only got a gynae referral in the middle of june, after 4 separate GP anal exams (why???) which resulted in nothing new, just more embarrassment. After complaining I got a gynae referral and could only get my first appointment for Sept. Sorry for the vent but I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Best wishes and thanks


  • Ah I should probably write this under a new post seen as the other comments are quite old now. Sorry about that!

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