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Bleeding... Again!

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Hello Ladies!

Hope you are all feeling OK & having a happy Xmas.

So I'm just over 1 week post-lap (had last Monday afternoon)... just been standing up doing bits, gone to sit down & noticed my belly button wound is bleeding again (after my lap it did a massive bleed in the hospital, followed by the wound directly below the belly button, which eventually cleared up)!

Spoken to the hospital & just waiting for them to get back to me, but why on earth does it do this! Never ever had a problem with wounds bleeding before (this was my 3rd lap for endo), so really baffled as to why it's so bad this time - has anyone ever had this sort of thing happen before? I haven't done any bending down etc this morning - only standing up for a couple of hours at the most!?! :-(

Appreciate any experiences or words of wisdom!! xx

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