Lap and nervous

Hi I've got my lap tom after many gynaecologist visits and trying various treatments now that the time is here starting to feel very nervous despite knowing that I really need to have it done and find out what the problem is just hope they do manage to find something that they can remove some of or consider some treatment that will work as tried a few that havnt helped xx

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  • I'm feeling the same got mine on 21 St and am getting nervous now, 1 about the op itself but 2 about them not finding anything, don't think I've got much more to give, and we need to push so much to get anywhere with Gp, ect.

    When is yours, ??

    Good luck let me no how it goes xxx

  • It's tomorrow yeah I'm afraid of them not finding anything cause I think I have it in my bowel as I have lots of pain going to the toilet and lots of back pain but periods are just horrendous full stop yeah when we'll and able to will post good luck for yours as we'll xx

  • Good luck hope you get some answers xx

  • I hope all goes well for your op and that you find out what's going on! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • I hope you surgery went well. I was very anxious about my first lap and scared shitless i was going to come out with nothing. When i came round i was told i was riddled with it and that it had spread to my bladder. Make sure when recovery you do not push yourself too hard and you retrest it is very Important. Fingers crossed everything works out for you xx

  • Hi thanks for post lap done no endo found in abdomen and she said no adenomyosis she not sure whether I do have it deep in my bowel as have bowel symptoms I may need a colonoscopy for the time being she wants me to try low dose combined contraceptive pill which technically I shouldn't have as I'm forty five but have very low risk factors she wanted me to take it ASAP to try to help things quickly none available in the hosp pharmacy she gave me a letter which my husband dropped off and asked for a prescription had a phone call they won't give it have to go in and discuss it even though it been authorised by a consultant I'm waiting for gp to ring me I'm ok didn't realise how sore I would feel yeah I'm just resting watching telly and reading feel like I'm five months pregnant lol how are things with you know have you had any further treatments what do they do for the bladder endo I find this site wonderful it fab to talk to others in same situation xx

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