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Specialist appointment

Hi ladies, I've just had my appointment wits a endo specialist, he gave me internal talked about symptoms and referred me for a MRI,

In the mean time gas told me to try taking desogestrel, which is a mini pill, seams strange taking contraception when I have no uterus, and hubby has had the snip, but I'll give it a go for a few months, if this doesn't help pain, then he will arrange another lap, what ever the MRI shows,

I think this is what I wanted but still feel like I haven't got very far,

Now after being up since 5am to get to hospital I'm shattered and in pain, so I'm taking the rest if the day off and resting up, all my boys have parties tonight, and hubby sat work , so I have the house to myself,

Hope your all having a good day.


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