Horrid period pains

Sorry ladies but I was just looking for some advice really I've got major bad period pains tonight but also starting to feel my endo flare up with it I'm feeling very sick can barely move and can't sleep at all was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what I can do or what I can take to ease the pain slightly just so I can get comfy to sleep! Thank you..

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  • Aww hunni I really feel for u I'm the same since got dignosed with endo Iv had a few flair ups this year I was on tramadol paracetamol and ibuprofen but cause they weren't helping I got put on amityriptiline at night to help also I use heat pads at work and my bean bag at night or rub deep heat into my back and belly I hope that u get some relief soon and maybe u should ask your doctor to send you back to gynaecology or ring them and tell them your in so much pain also Iv seen myself been taking into a&e when the pain is so bad hunni xx

  • Thanks sweet I've had it since I was 15 so 6 years now and never had anything like this..I've been put on basically all meds and nothing has worked in the past I'm not on nothing at all for my endo now because basically they have gave me a year to try for a baby if it don't happen then one shot of Ivf then if that dont work they said my chance would be over as my endo is just so aggressive I wouldn't say my period was bad at all it anything it's less then what I normally get its just the pain I can't handle managed to get on and off about 3 hours sleep last night I don't wanna go to A&E as that's where I seem to spend most of my life...the past 3 months my chest plays up when I get a period it's started to play up now but trying my best to control it at home as don't wanna be put back on oxygen, steroids and nebulisers etc.. xxxx

  • I have one child at the moment I had endo removed in 2008 I had and they removed endo removed in Jan this year and had to remove aheasions as my pouch of Douglas was glued to my womb I'm trying for baby no 2 as well and cause i have one child I'm not entitled to ivf on nhs i would have to pay but it would be a shame to pay thousands of pounds when it might not work i hope that your ivf helps you to have a family and all the best xx

  • Hello. I started doing recently and its working. Pls go wheat free, dairy free, caffeine free and red meat free and sugar free diet for 2 weeks to see how u r getting and read dian mills book. You can see her as well in London. Worth looking into it! Xx

  • Brilliant thank you xx

  • Ladies ~ Please see an endometriosis excision specialist...this is your best bet at getting your endo under control and if you want a baby this is pretty much your only shot at getting pregnant by having and endo specialist cut out the endo...Many women say they can't afford to see the specialists, but trust me if you don't see one now you will eventually see one anyway...I had a hysterectomy with ovaries removed and it did not fix my endo but did add more problems...so now I feel my endo is eradicated but do to it taking so long to get proper treatment and having a hysterectomy endo's aftermath will be something I will have to manage for the rest of my life...I know had I gotten into the proper hands of a specialist I would have gotten my baby and would be in a MUCH better place! So move heaven and earth to get to the best endometriosis excision specialist...to know you have one...they will not put you on lupron, they will not recommend hysterectomy as a cure, they will be able to cut it off your bowels, bladder, ureters, diaphragm if they can't do that...they are not specialists so move on to one who truly is! Good luck it's a tough disease but in the right hands it too can be put into remission just like cancer...so fight for a chance at a great life! You are worth it!

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