Bad period

Hey, I'm looking for some advise. Yesterday I came on in work and the pain was so bad I had to be sent home, I noticed for day 1 my bleeding was very bad, I took a hot bath and 2 zapain because the pain was unbearable. Last night I didn't get any sleep because of the pain and I bled through everything. I spent most the night crying and trying to get comfy. This morning I was debating calling an ambulance. I managed to get some sleep earlier but have woken up with severe pain and very bad bleeding, I feel sick and feel like I'm going to pass out I'm so dizzy. I'm struggling to get out of bed and I know the doctors won't do anything. Please can someone help or advice me what to do?

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  • Sorry your feeling so terrible hun

    If i was you id get to a n e

    Hope your feeling better now.


  • I think I may, I can't take it anymore but don't know what they'll do xx

  • They might give you something to slow the bleeding down and give you pain meds. Years ago when i was bleeding like you are they gave me something to control it can't remember what xxx

  • Aw okay thankyou! I'll ring out of hour now xx

  • Your welcome. Hope you get sorted

    Let me know what happens xxx

  • Thankyou! Will do xx

  • Norethisterone Is what I was given to slow it down and stop it being so heavy, I would call NHS, for some help to manage the pain, nhs was brill when I had been told my pain was likely constipation went to gdoc's and she said no I think cyst rupturing which I was scared of as knew I had big cyst from scan 3 weeks prior called gynea ward and had me admitted. Good luck hope you feel better really soon xxx

  • Aw no! My pain specialist r and me earlier and told me to go in if I don't feel better, hopefully they can help a bit, thankyou xx

  • Fingers crossed they can help xxxx

  • I rang out of hours, all she said was that she'll prescribe painkillers, no tests or anything 😞 x

  • When you get there have her do a urine test and she would have to feel your stomach at least surely before given you any painkillers, temp, pulse blood pressure indicators of a problem and infection at least. Hun I think she fobbing you off she can't just prescribe pain killers without some routine test. Go and see what she does as be horrible to think she just can't be arsed and thinking oh well she might not come? And from my past experience must say all mostly good I've never spoken with the doctor I have then gone on to see xxxx

  • She kept sighing on the phone and didn't seem fussed to be honest, I should of gone straight to A&E x

  • Yeah I got that impression with her bad ass attitude telling you shed prescribe though no tests she not allowed to give painkillers without standard exam. Did she give you a time to go? If so go and when you get there tell her you want to see the supervisor so disheartening shame sending hugs for you xxxx

  • Yeah 22:40 I'll make sure I go and that she does tests, thankyou xx

  • No need for thanks, Hun here to listen or try to help at any time pls let me know how you get on this one sounds like a cracker, good luck and as much pain as you in set her straight as my downfall when my pain gets so bad is I cry so bad I can't speak properly though getting better that being stirn but balling my eyes out lol xxxx

  • Aw I know the feeling, thankyou, I will let you know what's said xx

  • No problem at all, how did you get on xxxx

  • He tested my temperature to find out I have a fever and my blood pressure is a bit low and prescribed me with tranaxamic acid and oral morphine xx

  • Have you tried the medication are they working? Oramorph did nothing for me unfortunately, I'm shocked that with you having fever and low blood pressure he didn't call gynea ward babe as anytime I have been to gmeds with pin being so bad they have always got me admitted if I've had temp, as one doc even said one night " id like nothing more to put you to ward though as soon as they ask your temp and its normal they will send you home rubbish I know" if you get no relief tonight call your practice first thing if poss tell them everything and say you've tried the oramorph every hour think it 5ml is it and you getting no relief they should arrange for you to be seen on the ward, shame sending hugs hope you get some sleep tonight xxxx

  • I can't get the medication till the morning because everywhere is closed so I'll see how it goes tomorrow, I wish I had your doctor 😂 thankyou for all the support! I'll try sleep, goodnight xx

  • Gmeds should have given you the medication that's worse babe theyve prescribed it though expect you to suffer all night. 😂😂 I'll lend you her, good luck and hope you get a sleep. Take care speak Tom to hopefully hear you slept and meds working glad to be help as know I just want someone to listen when I'm feeling as bad. Goodnight xxxx

  • Evening Seren

    How you feeling today any joy with your pain killers did you manage to sleep and hope they working xxxx

  • Hey, thanks for chasing up, the morphine helped a little, I managed to sleep alright last night and my temperature as dropped a bit thank you xx

  • Glad to hear it hope it continues to drop, take care and look after yourself xxxx

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