Lap op

So I'm having a terrible terrible week 😔

I'm so heavy and in so much pain! Yesterday I had a pain that I haven't felt before.. Like someone had a rope around my waist and was pulling and letting go, pulling letting go etc... And the pain went around to my back 😔

Hospital rang yesterday and my pre op has been moved to Monday instead of Wednesday and the lady confirmed my surgery date is 14th January.. Roll on 2016


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Good luck with the op. Mines Friday can't wait. Due on tomorrow egggggh .

All I can say is get on the pain killers xxx

Let me know how you get on Hun, good luck! Oh nooo :( I came on 2 days ago, so this week has been a write off for me xxx

Good luck hope it all goes well I hope I get some relief soon spent for days of pelvic pain and back pain wish for it to do one xx

Get better soon. Finger crossed for you.

ooh luck with your.oo Huni x

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