Lap op

So I'm having a terrible terrible week 😔

I'm so heavy and in so much pain! Yesterday I had a pain that I haven't felt before.. Like someone had a rope around my waist and was pulling and letting go, pulling letting go etc... And the pain went around to my back 😔

Hospital rang yesterday and my pre op has been moved to Monday instead of Wednesday and the lady confirmed my surgery date is 14th January.. Roll on 2016


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  • Good luck with the op. Mines Friday can't wait. Due on tomorrow egggggh .

    All I can say is get on the pain killers xxx

  • Let me know how you get on Hun, good luck! Oh nooo :( I came on 2 days ago, so this week has been a write off for me xxx

  • Good luck hope it all goes well I hope I get some relief soon spent for days of pelvic pain and back pain wish for it to do one xx

  • Get better soon. Finger crossed for you.

  • ooh luck with your.oo Huni x

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