Laparoscopy-private and NHS

Hi, I'm new to this, and only recently got diagnosed with endometriosis. Doctor said the waiting list for a laparoscopy is atleast 16 months and I just can't keep suffering that long. I'm considering going private, but my question is- if I go private. if I ever end up needing a 2nd laparoscopy, will I be able to do it via NHS? Or there's no going back once you go private..


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  • Yes you can be put back to NHS , i can understand why you want to go private 16 months is just too long of a wait , have you considered asking your Gp to refer you to other NHS hospitals with shorter waiting list you might have to travel a bit , good luck

  • I'm in NI, as far as I know there's only 1 specialist here and he's the only one who can operate hence the long list :( I will ask them though, thanks X

  • I'm ni too - who/where is the specialist?

  • Hey, so sorry have been away for a awhile and only saw your comment today.. It'd DR David Hunter in Belfast. I had him in the Mater Hospital, but I think he also works in the Belfast City and does private in the Ulster Clinic. Hope this helps :)

  • Do you know whether Dr Hunter treats endo with excision or ablation? I had a consultation with another NI doctor today who offered me a lap on the NHS but said he uses a laser to burn off what he can and may also use excision and would decide when he sees the extent but would most likely be a mix. He said as the endo has become apparent due to fertility issues, he would only do the minimum amount of surgery to solve that problem rather than attempt to remove all the endo. I also have it on the bowel, which he said he wouldn't touch as that's not causing me great pain at the moment. This raised a lot of red flags for me so now considering paying for a private lap but trying to decide who to book based on excision rather than ablation which seems to have poorer outcomes.

  • Dr Glenn in SE Trust is also a specialist. Dr Moohan in Northwest as well. Bad experience with Dr H. Had to complain.

  • What is the cost of going private for something like this? Just curious, I'm a student right now so it's probably not even feasible but I'm just trying to prepare myself for being told I need to wait this long too...

  • Consultation £150-300 and survey 3.500-500 depending on hospital and region

  • Oops typo surgery I meant!!

  • I had my first lap done privately 3 weeks ago. Purely had it private due to waiting times on NHS. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't wait. Was the best descion I made and they treat me outstandingly. If you can afford I can't recommend enough!!

    You can always go back to the NHS for further treatment. :)

    Good luck Hun xx

  • Hopefully I won't need to but reading the threads here it seems like a lot of women have to go for several ops.. At least it's good to know, thanks! Hope your recovery is going well X

  • I also went privately as I couldn't bear the waiting times at the NHS. Was seen by a gynaecologist within 2 weeks and had the laparoscopy 2 weeks after then - best decision. If you can, I would definitely go privately, the service is excellent and you get seen to very quickly. I think the consultation fee was £150 though I don't know how much the surgery was as the insurers paid for that part.

  • hello, of your doctor has deemed your situation non urgent on the NHS they have to get you in 18 weeks after your consultation which I know is still a long time but better than 16 months. They have guidelines to stick to even of they are under staffed.

  • If you need major surgery I'm not sure a private hospital will touch you. I had my first lap at a private hospital and was in theatre a whole 5 mins (id signed for diagnosis and treatment). If you have other organ involvement, you will need a team of surgeons .. I was put on the priority list for surgery and still had to wait 12 months! It's a bummer and I'm still not right and under further investigations.

  • Mine was under the NHS at a private hospital .. But as far as I'm aware, they don't have ICU or any provisions in place to deal with emergencies so don't under-take major surgery. If it's just mild to moderate endo that needs treating, get it done if you can afford it or have the insurance. You can always go back under the NHS. And not everyone will need repeat surgeries.

  • Sounds like you had a tough time. I'm not sure what extent mine is, they can only see a large cyst in my left ovary, but the pain is in pretty much my whole abdomen, from the ribs down. I'll go for a private consultation anyway and see what they say first. Thanks for the info :)

  • Have you been diagnosed via lap or ultrasound cuz although an ultrasound can show some, it very rarely correlates with the extent! Will the one in 16 months be your first lap, if so, that's ridiculous! You should at least have a first diagnostic lap with possible treatment, before then! No chance you could try a UK hospital with shorter waiting lists! Would be a bummer if you booked private, they opened you up, then realised you was too extensive to treat!

  • Especially as you're paying for it! Like I said, my first lap via NHS was private, diagnostic one .. That took a couple of months .. well weeks when the GP realised I was in a bad way (my endo caused PID and that was what I was originally diagnosed with). Try go private but I'm the NHS

  • My first ultrasound showed a hydrosalphinx and fluid in my bowel loops .. No cysts or anything was noted.. And like I said, I was such a mess they just shut me back up. Then I had a second ultrasound before my second surgery that according to the sonographer showed absolutely nothing! To the point my new surgeon was trying to talk me out of surgery, then marked me down for endo and adhesion removal .. 'intermediate' surgery! It only turned to major surgery during theatre, when they realised the sonographer was talking complete BS! I really wouldn't go off ultrasound!

  • Oh gosh sounds like a nightmare! I've only ever had scans-I went to a&e 3 times because the pain was that bad and had temperature-they diagnosed PID the first time, then a ruptured cyst the 2nd time (as I had fluid in the abdomen during the scan) then 3rd time the cyst was still there but a lot bigger and fluid also present, so they didn't know what it was. So had a follow up with a gynae doc, by then the fluid in the abdomen was gone, but cyst had changed shape, my CA125 levels were up so she referred me for a ct scan and also did a referral to an endo specialist. I got the appointment for the CT scan straightaway, but then it was cancelled and changed for MRI, appointment for which I've been waiting on for the last 4 months, still nothing. Seen the endo specialist, who scanned me about 2 weeks ago (ultrasound) said it was endo straightaway. Then I was told about the waiting list. I'm still waiting on the MRI. The gynae doc hasn't really followed anything up with me, and i only got referred to the specialist, when I pressed her about what is wrong with me and whether it could be endo. So overall it' been really confusing.

  • You sound exactly like me, except you had way better care! But that's exactly how I was! I did have PID as gum clinic did a slide, but it come back clear for STIs, but no one run a culture! No doubt, especially with your level of pain you will be a mess inside. If you do decide to go the private route, ask them and make sure they can deal with such a complicated case of endometriosis before you pay up! I've got a feeling though they might not do! Mine didnt/wouldn't and ultimately I was left for nhs to pull their finger out! I'd say it gets easier but id be lying and even though I've had surgery I'm no better and back under another colorectal surgeon! I honestly feel for you! Although I've been through it, I'm also starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully 😂😂

  • I will do, thanks! It seems there's no easy fix for endo, unfortunately. Good luck with your treatment and hopefully you get sorted soon :)

  • Same to you! It will be a tough slog but if I can do it, so can you! (If private won't touch you). Chin up and carry on. Stronger than we look us women but I agree it's disgusting the time we have to wait! Especially when only a few years ago, how our endo presented would've resulted in emergency surgery! Now it's just treat like a walk in the park!

  • P.s I'm not sure if the private hospital refused to treat me cuz I was an NHS patient but I definitely signed a consent form for diagnostics and treatment for whatever they found. Never really looked into private again after that as I knew it would cost a fortune as I needed a gynea, colon guy and a urologist present!

  • Hi, I am in NI also. I am 7 weeks out from my second lap for endo. I'm guessing you must be talking about Dr Hunt out of Belfast city? There is also a specialist at SWAH in Enniskillen who i am under although he can not do complicated surgery. I think you must have been placed on the routine list to wait so long. Also it is almost impossible to get an endo specialist in NI privately, I have never been able to locate one. NI is very poor for endometriosis care and diagnosis

  • Hi, can I ask how long you waited for your lap? My consultant seemed to think it would be less than a 3 month wait but from reading everything on here, I'm losing faith that was based on anything concrete. (Esp as they 'misplaced' my MRI results twice. Luckily I paid privately for the scans so was able to obtain copies directly from the private clinic but I'm not filled with confidence in the system)

  • Hi, I was told I'd have a 16month wait for my lap, so I actually went overseas to get it done and it was a matter of 3weeks-but I went privately. You might be lucky enough and get it sooner don't Be disheartened by the others experience. The consultant would usually know best. We only really have 1 specialist here in NI, so if the endo is serious or severe he's the only one who can operate.

    Best of luck with your surgery

  • I thought Dr Glenn in the SE Trust and Dr Moohan in Northwest were also "specialists" in NI. Very bad experience with Dr H.

  • Can I ask what your experience was with Dr H? Did you have any surgery with him? I'm on his list so be good to know other's experiences.

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