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Just need to rant and need advice !!

Hi all I am still new to this sight and find it great support you ladies are the only ones that know what going through. I recently posted that I have been suffering with my lower back, hips and legs along with lower stomach since January 15 I have had endo for 5 years.

Well I went to see the doctor today explaining my pain I had a really bad week with constant pain and he said so u are having pain outside your period when I said yes he said that can't be your endo as endo is associated with periods. He thinks one I have muscular issues with my back and 2 something with my stomach and sending me for an ultrasound to see if anything going on.

Why do doctors think that endo pain u only get with periods?? He also said I will not get pregnant if... Then stopped how can he say that to me I fell before and I have had my ovaries tested I have good quantity and quality eggs so he had no right to say that did he?? All I have ever wanted is a baby is it really never going to happen??

Sorry for the essay just spared some advice . Thanks in advance for reading xxx

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I found great comfort in this site as well as Doctor's that aren't specialised in Endo are used to fobbing patients off with excuses and their awful opinions. Your doctor shouldn't have said that to you, that's rude.

Maybe you should see a specialist (which are difficult to find in some cases, I'm struggling at the minute with constant pain like you are describing.)

Endo can be just around your period or it can be constant so I've been told. Hope you find comfort soon.


Thanks so much for reply x


Hi, i too have found this site a great support. Im also new to this, but just wanted to say that i also had bed pelvic pain all month round and have endo...


Thank u for the reply xx


Hi Leanne

I replied to your previous post a month or so ago. You really do need to get to specialist help. GPs often know so little about endo and it is well established that you can get pain all month because so many aspects of pain are not caused by hormones, such as adhesion (scar tissue) pulling on structures or irritating nerves, or from deep 'nodules'of fibrous endo. This can be every time you move without any regard to your cycle. Young women whose endo is left for years for such an excuse as you have been given most usually endo up with severe endo in a place called the Pouch of Douglas, which is one of the most common sites but also one of the most common missed by general gynaecologists. Please can you click on my name and read my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and on how to find a specialist. The provisions are all in place for you to use. You need to learn all you can and take control of your treatment. The days of listening to this rubbish from GPs are gone and the NHS now recognises it and has given you the power to do something about it. Can you let me know what area on the UK you are in. x


Hi thanks for the reply I read your article before and told my go that what I thought it could be and need a specialist he just said lets to the ultrasound first and see.

I am in the peterborough area x


Hi again - since your GP clearly is very uninformed about endo please be aware that the scan may show nothing. Ultrasound is not always useful. It may show endometriotic cysts and adhesions but an MRI would be a better guide regarding any deep endo you sound likely to have which would usually be ordered by a specialist when rectovaginal endo is suspected. Come back after the scan if you have any problems getting a referral. As you are in England you can choose to go to any centre you wish. x


Thank you he said the scan won't show endo but he wants to check I haven't got a massicpve cyst or something x I have had trouble with gps and consultants x I think they think it is all in my head x


That sounds usual. Even at age 61 my records still say I have been psychologically unhinged with 'supratentorial' symptoms since the mid 80s! That's medical jargon for in the head x


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