So much pressure? ??

Hello all again...just looking for some advice. I'm not yet diagnosed with endo but currently going thro medical menopause 3 monthly injections which r reducing the pain. I've been referred to specialist as it's affected my bowel and bladder for last year or so. So I'm sitting waiting and having good days and bad... but OMG the pressure I am getting down below and in my bottom and top of back of my legs. It's horrendous even when I'm sitting down its so painful anyone else experienced this? Also wanted to ask if was having some pain in my right side which is the usual and I started to have a feel and I can feel a lump or something just above my hip bone what could this be? Anyone else experienced this? Sorry it's a little silly feel bad asking about it just this pain is extreme I have had pressure before but this isn't going away ? 

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  • Hi, do you have problems with your bowels or could you be constipated? Are you bleeding at the moment? 

  • I have had alternate bowel habits for year from diahorea to constipation I was constipated last week then they settled and now I'm running to the toilet. It's so much pressure down below and I feel like I'm swollen to very sensitive 

  • Also wanted to add it's the same pressure and pain I used to get after intercourse too. Which is not the cause this time round it's just appeared. It's the same pressure tho.

  • How are you now? Have you seen you GP? I had thought you might have a blockage if you've been constipated 

  • I'm having a good few days. But since putting the post up I just got's like a cycle still but not as extreme pain wise due to the induced menopause but I am due another injection in 3 weeks. The pressure continued and constipation once again and I was in bed for 4 days no energy like not even to lift my arm and was crying constant and flushes were horrendous. And this week beginning really on tuesday I started to feel normal bowels normalish defo not constipated and energy back. I'm just soaking up the days I can drive and entertain my kids before it all comes back again. How r u? I'm due an mri 18th of this month. But I'm worried it will come back clear x

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