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Please Help

So, Ive been having awful pain for 6 dys now. Since yesterday Ive been struggling to walk + by bedtime I was crying my heart out with the worst pain Ive ever had since being diagnosed approx 8 yrs ago.

Ive been unable to sit upright for about 3dys as my pelvis is so inflammed. Ive had inflammation for over 2 wks. Ive had a heavy discharge for a few dys now and because of this im not sure if I have an infection which is causing the pain + inflammation. I saw a Doctor yesterday who gave me Metronidasol + another heavy duty antibiotic to take for the nxt 2 wks but as no infection showed up in a urine test we dont know if this is possibly just Endo thats got worse. I was also threw up this afternoon which could be a further sign of infection or could be as I took 4x 10mg of Zomorph which ws double what ive needed before. I m so weary of being in very bad pain for nearly a wk now, im even considering a Hystorectomy.

I just cant continue to live like this. My son is only 3 and tells people he hears his mummy crying in bed.

Im desperate for any advice. Please help

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hi there i don't suffer what you do and i can't advice you on this matter. just to let you know i'm thinking about the pain you must be in take care Alan

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Hi hunny,

Can I ask what treatment you have had in the past?

A hysterectomy is probably not the answer, it's not a cure for endo, only a thorough excision job can help, then, you could get relief,

Are you under a BSGE specialist, ?.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow xxx


Thank you so much for getting in touch. Ive had Excision before I had my son so about 5 yrs ago. Ive had the Prostrap injections and just had a CT scan 2 wks ago which was ordered by my new Gyni at The Specialist centre at Salford Royal. I wasnt in the consultation long and he said all he could advise me on was surgery. When I said that wouldn't be my 1st choice he asked why was I actually there then. Not v helpful !


Hi there, if you had surgery five years ago and have severe aggressive endo you're actually doing well to have put off another surgery this long - probably pregnancy helped you a lot extending therapeutic benefits. Anyhow, my best advice would be to reconsider more excision surgery with an endo specialist. In the meantime get your gp to up your meds - if possible, gradually - try to get a referral to a pain clinic who can help you manage long term. Other small things I did that helped me were buying a heat pad and massager. Also check out the endoresolved website - I got a lot of info on alternative therapies there

1. Go on the endo diet

2. Acupuncture

I had to come off painkillers to ttc, doing these two things helped me to go from taking max dose tramadol, Co-codamol, etc. to muscling through any pain with paracetamol! Acupuncture also helped an endo friend of mine who was a morphine junkie and had 10 ops. Believe me I was a sceptic, but when it worked for her I thought why not! Try everything until you find what works for you. X


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