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Hi, I recently had some very acute abdominal pain and was referred to a+e by my GP. X-rays and ultrasounds were done and eventually I was told that I had two chocolate cysts on my left ovary - both quite small. I was informed that these are caused by endometriosis and may or may not have caused by pain. I later had an appointment with my GP who told me that she doubts the diagnosis because I have NO OTHER SYMPTOMS of endometriosis.

I am currently trying for my second baby with my partner and am feeling very anxious that if I do have endo, it is going to make it harder to conceive... We have been trying for 9 months so far. My GP has confused me... Can chocolate cysts be misdiagnosed like that? I had two scans from two different doctors and both diagnosed chocolate cysts.

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  • If you have chocolate cysts (endometriomas) then you will have endometriosis.

    However it is theoretically possible for chocolate cysts to be misdiagnosed although in my experience of having them the sonographer has been right each time.

    If your GP doubts the scan results are accurate what does he/she think the cysts are? Xx

  • Well she said the sonographer wrote in the report that there was no free flowing liquid inside the cyst which is why they had given the diagnosis of a chocolate cyst. She said that the reason there may be no free flowing liquid, could be because it the cyst had naturally drained and may no longer have fluid inside. But surely the sonographer would have been able to see that?

    Do you know if it's possible to have endo without any symptoms at all? I have very painless, normal regular periods. I have no pain in between periods either. Xx

  • If your GP doesn't think that your cyst is an endometrioma what type of cyst do they think it is and what treatment have they suggested?

    I'm sorry but I'd trust 2 sonographers who were of the same opinion over your GP xxx

  • She thinks it could just be functional cyst and isn't inclined to do anything about it. She said that they may just disappear on their own and isn't currently concerned because they're not causing me any problems.

    I agree with you, I'm seriously doubting what she thinks. Xxx

  • It's just that the sonographers are so used to looking at all different kinds of cysts. Both times I had chocolate cysts the sonographers said they were endometriomas and were certain.

    The first time the lady asked straightaway "have you been told you have endometriosis?" "You have two large chocolate cysts." The second lady knew that I'd had a lap for endo and when I asked if in her opinion the cyst was functional or an endometrioma she said endometrioma straightaway and was certain xx

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