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The Endo diet feeling great!

Hello, I have had endo since the age of 14, ten years.

I am a sports therapist (same as a physio but sports and diet specialised) For a long time when the pain got really bad i never exercised because as you guys might know you feel heavy, painful, tired... just dont want to move really....I have played rugby, tennis, ran.... for year but when it gets back i just can't do anything. I had a lap 5 weeks ago and since then i have been on a clean eating diet, so no more chocolate, cake, anything heavy I just eat loads of veg, salad, veg curry, nothing produced all made from scratch and i promise you i feel fantastic! i get the odd stabbing pain . I also have started training again and am planning on doing the colour run and a marathon to raise awareness for Endo :) When i 'eat clean' i find it stops the fatigue and i also seem to have more time between surgery because it does not come back so fast. Its not an expensive diet as i dont earn much just light and easy.

Also the training really takes my mind of it as i find stress really sent it of...

during my period i drinks shakes because i find i just can't get enough energy and i can't have caffine because I'm allergic to it (gives me major shakes) so i make protein shakes out of only natural substances which keeps my immune system up and helps will the bad gass and gut ache and stops the period bloating. If anyone wants the recipes i can put them up for you :)

I am not trying to sell anything! i just want to help I dont mind giving you my running plans or anything as i know its so hard to get going again after having a bad bought. Endo has really destroyed me over the years so if i can make someone feel better who has it then i will be cuffed.

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Happy to know that you are feeling good with this lifestyle really inspiring. Can you share with me your protein shake recepie?



I have just found this site and your post stood out to me!

I've been diagnosed recently with Endometriosis and I am due my first laparoscopy at the end of January. I am a fairly active person when I am in the right mind frame and it's quite good to see that 5 weeks after your surgery you've been able to get back into your training. Well done!

Other than the healthy eating, are there any other tips on recovery that you can give me\us? I've worked quite hard this year on my fitness and I'd like to get back to training asap after my surgery. I know I'll have to give myself sometime to recover obviously, but if there's something I can do\avoid to aid in my recovery then I'm all for it!

I'd also be interested in your recipes; I have a problem with caffeine too though more of an intolerance than an allergy.

Looks forward to hearing from you :)




That's really encouraging to hear - thanks for sharing such a positive experience. I had a lap about 10 days ago and have started reading Endometriosis - a key to healing and fertility through nutrition and have found it very interesting. I find that exercise helps to keep the pain under control particularly walking as it low impact and I can walk as far or as short a distance as I want. I have decided to adopt a much more clean diet although with Christmas coming back that might be a challenge 😀. Do you eat organic when you can? Recipes for the protein shakes would be great x


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