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Diet changed

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Hi guys!! Just thought I would share a few things with you , since my endo excision surgery (4monthsago) I didn’t find any major pain relief to be honest so I changed my diet around , I literally have no carbs after 4pm and if I do have carbs for lunch it’s very little , my diet mainly consists of fruits, veg (including potatoes), lots of water very little coffee and absolutely 0 sugar . I know sugar is hidden in everything but I stopped major things like fizzy drinks desserts snacks and sugary teas and I cannot believe the decrease in my pain symptoms it’s actually a miracle it’s been literally a month now and I can do normal activities again . I also take 2 tablets of tumeric in the morning and 1 vitamin B tablet from Holland and Barrett’s and it has given me life . I hope too you lovely ladies find relief from dietary changes because it has really helped me :) xxxx

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From what I understand, excision surgery can take up to 6-8 months for the body to fully heal from within. While changes in diet are super helpful and a healthier diet can only help us out, if changing our diet was all we needed, I doubt so many women would continue to be in so much pain. Diet alone doesn't cause or cure Endo.

Do you think it's possible the excision surgery you had just four months ago could have also played a part in why you are suddenly able to do normal things again?

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lishsquish in reply to JackieBo

Don’t underestimate the effect diet can have. For real. I had surgery a year ago, have felt worse since then - until I changed my diet massively. It’s so important. Of course excision surgery would have helped, but dietary factors are everything with this disease. Something most doctors don’t tell you - perhaps because they don’t know? Who actually knows until they’ve tried it though... and it’s surely better than going through hormone treatments.

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JackieBo in reply to lishsquish

Well, I've gone off meat entirely as my body doesn't seem to want it recently, I don't eat sweets, we don't buy crisps and other processed junk food. I eat a steady diet of fresh veg and fruit and rice and quinoa and that sort.

My pain levels haven't changed for the better. My diet was already pretty good but now it's become militantly good and it hasn't lowered my pain levels.

Sure, putting good ingredients in us is important, but it won't cure this illness. If it were as simple as that, women across the globe wouldn't be dealing with this much pain.

I would just like to mention that firstly I never have pain during my period I fact my pain is every single day of my life apart from the stupid 4 days I’m menstruating and my pain shall I say was debilitating , you can clearly say that my endo excision could be the reason that I feel better but let’s not forget that after I had my surgery for the 2 - 3 months I felt exactly the same my pain wasn’t surgery pain it was the same pain I had and if it was Becuase of my surgery then why on my period did that pain dissapear? Anyway my endo is based in my pouch of Douglas (closest to my bowel) . I don’t want to get scientific in relation to inflammation of intestines caused my too much sugar intake which bacteria and yeast feed off which leads to pressure on the pelvic region because I would probably be here all day. I fully respect that a dietary change isn’t a cure for endo but it truly is a major improvement compared to chemical hormone therapy and I highly recommend it not to mention natural anti inflammatory such as tumeric ginger and garlic :)

Hi. I was really secpetica about how diet could help, I didn't know about my endometriosis it was all a bit of a trauma and it was my husband who was told about it and literally within weeks I started to feel the difference. It doesn't claim to be a cure and I had to have surgery as I have grade 4 deep infiltrated endometriosis with extensive adhesions and a full frozen pelvis but what it did do was reduce my pain enough to get up in a morning which with pain medication alone didn't happen often. The bsge specialist fully supported the impact diet can have but did say different things can affect people so explore- for me anything with wheat/ gluten flares it up but I'm fine with milk and a coffee a day is no problem. We got the book and once I admitted to my husband he was right! And read the book it made so much sense to me. I hope it continues to work for you and enjoy being able to live 🌈. Xx

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Fooofs91 in reply to Tillyfloss

Hi Hun :) that message really put a smile on my face Thank you and it really makes me happy to know that dietary changes are helping you with your pain, its also really sweet of your husband to be so involved I think that’s super important support :) I really hope some How everyone finds relief through diet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Tillyfloss in reply to Fooofs91

😊😊 i was really surprised it had an effect! My husband had a lot going bless him I was very poorly and being told i had this disease with no cure was a shock to us all so it was his way of doing something to help. I'm sure it won't work for everyone but for me it was worth the go and we all live on the Endo diet theses days 😃. Xx

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Bethleah in reply to Tillyfloss

Hi which book. I cut out gluten wheat, eggs, yeast, cows milk in February but am yet to notice any benefits. I cam off zolodex in May after 5 doses. I take supplements and don’t eat processed or junk food. I’m cutting down on the sugar although I don’t have much. I also find I get hungry all the time and can’t find good foods that fill me up.x

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Fooofs91 in reply to Bethleah

I didn’t use any book hun , I just cut out the things that are bad for you really , i think for me personally sugar was the biggest culprit I always felt sick and bloated after eating sugary and processed foods , it can be super boring but try and fill yourself up on fruits , nuts and Greek yoghurt forme that’s fine I also add honey as a sweetener to drinks and potatoes fill me up too xxx

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Bethleah in reply to Fooofs91

Thanks. X

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Tillyfloss in reply to Bethleah

hi. I used the healing endometriosis through nutrition I can get you the full title if you would like it I'm just not at home at the moment and I can't remember the author. We followed the book suggestions without fail for 6 weeks and it really did help. I then introduced the odd things to see what happened and for me gluten, wheat and sugar are a no go but I am fine with cows milk and a coffee a day so some of it is finding out what works for you. It might not work for everyone but it's worth a try if it reduces your pain and need for pain killers. Xx


I have had problems all my life, period, ibs-c, psoarosis , hives... never a day goes by something not wrong..

Ended up in hosp for 4 days had every test goin and nothing..

Sent to gastro explained my life history and she said i think ur inrolerant to something that why ur body so reactive hypersensitive.... so she said try gluten and dairy to start and i did.... about 6 months now... i make all my own foods. Visited holland and barrat got some probiotics, digestivd enzyme, peppermint oil caps ...within 1 month my stomach pain( i have had for 30 odd years went) then my bad skin went...

what i also noticed is my periods got less painful, now i not got endo but i have a prob with blood clotting to quick and i take tranexamic acid but my periods just got better!

So dont underestimate diet!

Thousands of people have a intolerance they just dont know it... could b yeast , gluten, cowsmilk, goatmilk.... anything... u put it down to oh i got ibs or i got this but my body was reacting to food i was eating

Thanks so much for this post, it has really given me hope x

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