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Endo fitness blog!


Hello! I am a qualified sports therapist and I have had endo since I was 14 so ten years now! Had 6 lascoapys. I am an injury and rehabilitation specialist. I do a lot of fitness and have a very specific diet for endo that I have a lot of trail and error over the years. I was thinking of writing a blog for anyone else with endo to follow with my fitness plans and diet includes shakes! I have in the morning. It will be totally free as I just want you guys to feel better. but I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested??

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Yes!!! Been searching for something like this!

Yes! Very much so! I have been going to body balance classes and have found they helped, until they changed the routine and it has gotten harder and focuses more on stretching the abdominal area.... thus making it very painful during and after.

I think you may be the answer to a lot of peoples worries!


Yes! Been searching for a while for a fitness plan suitable for endo. Most PT's don't know about the condition.

Absolutely! It sounds very exciting! Good luck! X

I would!!

Great! I will start writing :)

Definitely interested

I would be interested! Having 3rd lap on Monday and I've decided things have to change drastically afterwards! Really need to get fitter and think a diet change would be good xx

I'm interrested. Great idea x

That sounds fab I will follow you now x

Yep would be good. I love fitness but ever since I got diagnosed I've had to ops in 6 months and I struggle to exercise after tiredness etc so would be good to see How others deal with it

Definitely interested!!! 😀

I would be too. I have a draw full of gym clothes I don't use anymore!

I'm definitely interested!


I think a lot of women would benefit from this x

Yes please this would be amazing xx

I'd follow! Please share a link when you have your blog up! :)


I think that is a wonderful idea and really kind of you to share it with us. I finally had to give up dancing a couple of years ago after getting really ill from doing too many performances and not listening to my body when it told me to stop. I haven't been doing anything since, I keep looking at yoga classes etc but I think I'm just too scared.

Victoria x



Sounds brilliant I have just started yoga classes, I am going to a really slow pace class and the teacher has been brilliant and knows about my endo. I am really keen to exercise more.

Thanks so much for offering to share xxx

Yes please!!! :)

Yes definitely x

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