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Is Nausea a sign of endo?

Hi everyone

I've felt nauseous for over 3 weeks now, mainly in the morning and occasionally I have spewed. I feel like it's what morning sickness would feel like, although I'm not pregnant I took 2 tests which were negative and I had my painful period last week.

Been to the Drs twice had blood tests and stool tests which were all fine.

I still haven't been diagnosed with endo. My lap results were negative. So I'm waiting on a second referral to the gynae so wondering if I should mention this nausea problem.

Any advice?

Thank you 😊

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I suffered with really bad nausea when my pain started not sure if it's the endo causing it or pain killers. I recommend ginger, if you don't like ginger try capsules they have been the most effective thing I used so far.


I went through a time of constant vomiting, then cleared up! Bloods and stool all clear. xxx


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