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Is it endo?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this but would like some help and advice if possible. I have been experiencing right sided pelvic pain since December now with the pain getting worse and now it seems I can't go a day with out it. I had a scan and blood tests in feb and all were normal. However I am now starting to feel bloated and having regular back pain and frequent need to urinate (this week only) the pain seems to be coming both sides now too. My Gp has referred me to a gynecologist as she thinks it's endo. The wait is unbearable! Does this sound like endo? I'm at a loss :|

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Hi lovely.

Sorry to hear about your pain and how you are suffering.

I know the wait awful I waited 2 months to see my gynecologist and then a further 18 weeks for a laparoscopy

To confirm endometriosis.

What are your periods like? Are they heavy and do you bleed alot?

The symptoms you are describing do sound like it could possibly be endometriosis.

Jo xx


Thanks so much for replying!!

It's so hard not to worry about what it could be whilst your waiting. They need to do something to speed the process up. I've been to two different hospitals this week over the pain and no one will touch me i just get sent away with more painkillers. I'm so frustrated.

My periods have always been pretty average. The first day though is always dark clotting type blood which I never thought anything into until I read up on endo. And I usually have pains for the first day or so which then eases off. My past few periods though have become fewer days than usual which I don't understand.

How did you spot your endo?

sarah xx


It was my Dr who suspected it I have always had heavy and painful periods from the start as I got older I just accepted it as normal because so many Dr's had told me it was period pain and basically said deal with it.

I had my three kids close together my endo showed up a while after my youngest child I had really bad pain about a week before my period and then the first 3 days will be painful. I started getting awful pelvic pain, back pain and a pain downy left leg all the time. I think that it is my adenomyosis, but some women with endo have symptoms all the way through the month.

I hope you get some help with this soon hun.

Jo xxx


Those symptoms sound quite like mine. I have endometriomas on scan so got taken serious for endo. Do u have any other symptoms? Endo rarely shows on scans.


Oh can I be found on scans sometimes? Yeah the other symptom that seems to be frustrating me is I seem to be getting constipated. I don't know if this is because of the cocodomol in talking or because what's going on inside and also headaches 😔Did you have many symptoms?xx


Sorry forgot to mention the pain always seems to push down into my groin and my leg. Seem to constantly have an aching leg these days


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