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I need advice!!

I had my second bout of surgery on 20th October 2015 and mirena coil fitted!! I took a while to get over op but thought was ok then last week had a painful period which lasted over a week but I am still left with crippling pain my husband and mum think should go back to docs as doesn't seem right has anyone else had similar problems? Really struggling now

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear your suffering. I had pain following my first op (shooting pain and a dull ache) which lasted a couple of weeks. I constantly kept going back to the doctors as I was worried.

They were uncertain what mine was and kept saying if it continues I'll be referred back to gynaechology. Unfortunately my GPs aren't great but they discovered I had a urine tract infection and since being on antiboitics the pain has gone. It probably would be worth going back just to rule out anything serious and also to get reassurance.


Hi Sam, Sorry to hear you are still in so much pain :(

Is it possible that it could be the mirena that is causing you this pain? I had a lap in June with a mirena fitted, and whilst I was in pain from the actual op a lot of my discomfort was related to the mirena (really bad cramping, spasm like feelings in my uterus etc that would stop me in my tracks as I was walking...)

It may not be the mirena but just a suggestion from my experience.

I hope you have a speedy recovery and feel much better soon



I refused the coil... But know a lot of people who have had issues with it... May be worth going back to speaking to your doc about it... If they can treat you without it.. Ie minipill, injection something different... Get them to take the coil out!


I thanks I have already tried pill with not much luck but am starting to think the coil maybe causing pain I have got a doc appt for later today I hoping. Will find out some more thanks


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