I need advice!

Hello, I'm new to this and was wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice?

I'm 20 years old and I've been diagnosed with endometriosis, I've had operations and trialled pretty much everything my only options now is to have the early menopause or to have a baby and have a hysterectomy! It seems so drastic for me to decide my whole future and I'm 20! I need a bit of support or if anyone's been through the same kind of thing please?

Thank you x

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  • Hi it is such a big decision having a hysterectomy or a baby at your age but that won't nessaseary get rid of the endo you should maybe go and speak to your doctor or your nurses they have been great with my daughter they may find an alternative for you. You have not said what you have tried or how bad the endo is ? my daughter is taking the pill. Back to back to stop menstration and painkillers but might be a good idea to be referred to a bsge clinic who are specialists in the field good luck

  • I've trialled all of that, I've currently got the coil and I'm taking the pill and I'm still bleeding through, I have private health care so my gyno is really good but they're the only options I have left as I have tried pretty much everything else as I've suffered with this since the age of 10. Because I also have b12 deficency I'm flagging a lot because I'm running on empty, I'm still bleeding and am in horrendous pain! I feel like there is no help :(

  • Are you being seen at a BSGE centre? They will be able to excise your endometriosis while keeping your uterus. Try to get a referral to a BSGE centre if you can. Look up a lady called Lindle here, she has a lot of information about treatment paths.

  • My daughter also has a b12 defincey I take it your getting injections for that ? but you can also get medication to take along with your pill to to stop the bleeding go back and see your doctor good luck

  • Injections wasn't working for me so I have tablet form, and I've done the back to back pill that also didn't work for me that's why I'm asking the question if anyone can give me advice if they're in the same situation as me, baby and hysterectomy or menopause

  • Hi there,

    I have not had those problems, but I really feel for you at such a young age going through that and having such a difficult choice to make.

    I have had really painful periods all my life, but getting worse as the years went on.

    This year was so bad I almost fainted from the pain (and I have had a tooth pulled without pain relief!) It was worse than that and like child birth.

    I do not like doctors, pills etc as too many useless ones in my past (used to be in emergency medicine as well)

    That said, at the start of this year when it was that bad and horrendous fatigue I started on a diet and supplements as recommended by a Naturopath doctor, who is a world leader in period health.

    Since then I have been better, fatigue still comes, but is getting less each week. The last period I had I could actually stop the pain with paracetamol.

    She has successfully treated thousands of patients, many whom have endo.

    I really suggest you look into that as a possible alternative.

    Her book is on amazon at about £7 - The period Repair Manual.

    She has a website and fb blog - DR Lara Briden.

    You can find loads of info, lots of research and testimonials. I really hope that helps.

    Also, if you choose to follow this, I am happy to send you menus and recipes so you dont feel lost and unsure where to start it all at, as I know that can be the biggest put off - but I also SO know it has really helped me, and a lot of others.

    All the best


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