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Exercise advice??

So I've been wanting to loose a bit of weight for a while but every time I do exercise my stomach hurts after 20/30 mins.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any exercises that are good for bloated stomachs. I don't have time to go to a gym and would prefer to do something at home.

Also any diet recommendations?? I don't eat fruit and not a lot of veg (I eat carrots, sweet potato, peas and parsnips).

Any information or advice would be brilliant.

Thank you xxx

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I was reading that yoga is very good. Personally I have tried it and suffer with my back and neck so it wasn't for me, but worth looking into!!



Thank you! Will definitely have a look xx


Hi, I too have heard yoga is best, I have tried it but found it really hard! Apparently there are many different forms of yoga and the best one to try for beginners is restorative yoga... Maybe look on YouTube?...

So I tried body balance which is Thai-chi / Pilates and does have yoga moves.. This was so much easier for any level and very relaxing, unfortunately the timetable doesn't suit me with kids etc but I would love to have kept it up it does help xx

I think the diet thing is trial and error for your own body. What suits some doesn't suit others, starchy carbs bloat me as does wheat and I'm dairy intolerant so don't have that either, I still have a belly but not as bad as when I eat the above!

Drink lots of water as well everyone says that I know but really helps and I don't drink caffeine anymore.... Really hard but now I don't miss it xx


Does it help with loosing weight do you know?

I'm the same, white bread, rice etc make me really bloated and I've swapped normal potatoes for sweet potato. I'm rubbish at drinking in general as I forget to have a drink, especially when I'm running around in a classroom all day.

Will have to have a look on YouTube regarding the yoga though, thank you xx


I didn't do it long enough to comment about losing weight but i did feel like i used muscles I never knew I had! Helps tone good for core muscles x

I too am useless at drinking but I bought a glass water bottle 500ml I aim to drink 1 by 9am the next by 12 noon the next by 3pm the next by 6pm then I've had the recommended 2 litres. It takes a week or so to build yourself to being able to drink that much in one day and the weeing drives u nuts! But it does calm down once your body learns to absorb it xx


It's true what they say no pain no gain haha. Gonna have to make sure I'm near a toilet as I have a weak bladder anyway. Hoping diet, more water and light exercise helps with the symptoms though xx


I hope it helps, hard trying to make yourself feel better when you don't feel well! and at least you're trying ;) xx


Same! Some days I don't feel like moving but I'm hoping this will get my energy levels up a bit as the NHS don't recommend caffeine drips haha! Xx


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