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Hi folks,

Good news from my end - my endo isn't back! Apparently my pain is a combination of dysmenorrhoea and psychosomatic pain related to my fear of my endo being back.

I was wondering if anyone here has tried a TENS machine? (I know that my current pain isn't anywhere near as bad as most of you on here is). I am still in pain, that isn't managed by heat and pain killers so I thought I'd consider a completely new approach. But, as with everything, best to do research first!!

Thanks in advance. Xx

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Hi Bexiiee, glad to hear that your endo hasn't returned, but sorry to hear you are still in pain. I would also like to see how people rate the TENS machine, as an alternative to taking strong painkillers would be nice. However the decent ones, are a bit too expensive for my student budget to just trial on a whim haha. So I hope people can give you some info :)

Holl xx


I have used a tens machine for my endo but I feel the pain in lower back and in lower left side of my stomach I had a lap this year to remove endo from my womb and aheasions from my pouch of Douglas my pain killers don't really help me either so I use my tens machine it eases the pain abit but no compleatly I'm looking into accupuncture but my hospital does it so when I c my consultant in January he going to refer me but maybe worth seeing if your hospital or asking ur gp to recondmend any one hope u feel better soon xx

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Hey, I used a TENs machine for work by where do you place the pads? for it to help with ENDO?? x


I was putting the pads on my back mostly as that's where my pain migrates to (paired with a hot water bottle on the belly!) x


Thank you :) i will give it ago



I thought I'd update you with my TENS progress: it's not been amazing, I think it's enough to distract you from the pain slightly so in that way it may be perceived to be lessened, but in reality it wasn't the life saver I was hoping it would be. Mind you, I got it on eBay for an absolute bargain, I hear people pay in their hundreds sometimes, mine was <30. Maybe you get what you pay for.

I hope this helps someone; thanks so much for replies and comments!

B xx

In other news: my pain was NOT psychosomatic; it is most definitely real!


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