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Hello and thank you to you all.,


Just wanted to say how much I love this forum. It has helped me so much... I actually don't feel lonely anymore.... thank you to everyone who writes about there symptoms and experiences. I am waiting for my hysterectomy any day now and to be honest it can't come quick enough! My gyno has put me on sick for at least twelve weeks so reading on here about you all soothes me and stops me from been bored,lol xx

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Please feel free to tell me your story. Have you always suffered? What age did it all start? What battles have you had getting professionals to listen to you? How do you cope? What stage are you at? Xx

It helps me loads too, just knowing that others share a similar experience makes all the difference. I hope your hysterectomy goes smoothly and you feel fantastic afterwards xx

Wdeanm in reply to Bettyheslop

Thank you so much.... After today's events it really can't come quick enough

Thanks for your nice positive comments :) I agree - this forum has helped me no end - with information and advice :) I have felt overwhelmed by this awful condition - but it's so nice to know you can get a lot of kind words and people who care about how you are doing here. :) x

Hope all goes well for you I'm waiting for my hysterectomy also at the moment - should be after Christmas :) x

Wdeanm in reply to Curlymum

Aww thank you... Hope your op goes well for you and that your soon free from pain xx

Good luck for your surgery and hopefully everything will go well for you!

Wdeanm in reply to bakersdozen

Aww thank you xx

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