Think 14yr old daughter has endo too

Hi all. My 14yr old daughter is having bad dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. She is bleeding for 10-15 days. She is on the pill (started 1 month ago) and just started mefanemic acid a few days ago. Waiting for Hb check and ultrasound. I'm very very concerned that she may have endo and wonder that rather than wait for 3 months of pill to see what happens, whether I should ask for immediate gynaecologist referral. I had endo finally diagnosed aged 22. Years and years of problems and finally had hysterectomy aged 38. Just can't bear to see my girl suffering. And have another daughter aged nearly 12, worry for her too.

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Oh no, this makes me so sad, poor little girl. I think if she was my daughter I would see a consultant at one of the specialist centres. As you suffered years, it must be unbearable to think of your poor girl going through the same.

I hope she is helped soon and I hope your other daughter doesn't have all this to come. Breaks my heart honestly to think of these poor young girls suffering:(

Lots of love to you all xx

Thanks so much for your kind words. It's been a very difficult week and I feel so guilty to have passed it on. My poor husband is finding it hard too as he watched me suffer for so long and my liitle one has been asking when will she start her periods and will she get it.

Ahh don't feel guilty, I'm the first in our family so could have happened anyway. I understand that though as my daughter is 25 and on depo for contraception but I have a horrible feeling she has it all to come. Your daughter just needs to be seen by somebody good straightaway and not fobbed off for all of her childhood.

I really feel for you and your poor hubby must feel so helpless, and then the fear of your other little one must be very hard.

I hope someone will comment on here, who will have solid advice on what to do. If you are in Wales I can recommend a very good forum?

Hi so sorry to here your daughter is suffering. I'm still waiting to be checked for endo but pretty sure I have it. I have a 15 year old who has also been suffering for the last few months. My 13 year old has only just started her periods so it's a bit early to know if she's getting pains.

The only thing I can say is at least we know about endo and have lots of experience and knowledge to make sure our daughters get the right treatment and help. My mum didn't really understand the pains I had when I was younger and had no knowledge of endo so I have only just started to realise myself. It's so hard and I also feel really guilty if I have passed this horrible thing to them. We need to just make sure we support them and help them to get all the help they need. If you are really concerned and it's affecting your daughter too much then it may be best to try to get her checked now. Xx

Thanks both. I feel a bit better now. My husband and I have decided to go together and ask for her to be referred to gynaecologist with specific to endo. X

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