Flare up 😩

Just thought I would come on here and have a little moan, I've been up most of the night with the worst pains ever, I've got another water infection due to my endo and I always have a flare up when I have things planned 😩 The 3rd Dec can't come quick enough when I have my full hysterectomy and bowel correction and hopefully I will be on the road to recovery. Well fingers crossed.

Sorry for moaning again but this gets me down so much xx

Sarah xx

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  • Moan all you like Sarah, that's why this forum's here. Sorry to hear you've had a bad night, hope you feel better today. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? Just trying to gauge the typical age of women having a hysterectomy as my gyni has raised it but I'm 31 x

  • Hi Hun, I'm 36 but I had a sub total hysterectomy when I was 30, which just made me worse and the endo stuck my bowel bladder and ovaries together so I could have a temp bag after my op on the 3rd. My endo specialist said I should never of had the sub total. I was back and forth to my gyny doctor and was getting fobbed off all the time so I fought to see a endo specialist and I hopefully have my happy ending story. Good luck xxx

  • Thanks for the information. I had to google what a subtotal hysterectomy was (!) as this is all new to me having been diagnosed only last week. In one respect I want to avoid a hysterectomy as it's a big deal, but I don't want to be in a position like you are that several years down the line I'm still suffering and need another op. I feel like I'm too young but my mother also had a hysterectomy at 34 after suffering with endo and secondary infertility. I really hope your operation goes well and it works this time round x

  • Shame thinking of you sounds like a few of us on here have had a bad night, phone gp again this morning they may be able to help and if the pain ain't being controlled they can admit you to gynaecology Hun take care and good luck xxxx

  • I'm at the doctors at 12.10 so hopefully they can help xx

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