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Flare ups! 😶

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Good evening ladies! I've been hit full force with a major flare up! Knocked down and struggling to get back up.... it's been a while since I've had it this bad. Had surgery 2 and a bit years ago followed by the coil. Helped keep the pain from getting too bad. But since last week I've felt a build up, wasnt sure what it was at first and then yesterday took to my bed! Floored. So tired, so sore, so drained. I'm off to a 3 day conference tomorrow, life goes on doesn't it? How do we keep going? I'm just feeling really low today. I have come on here for a good moan because I feel like my friends dont really get it. Burst out crying in work in front of my boss this morning, she was kind and supportive but I still felt as though I was making a mountain out of a mole hill........ it will get better, I just worry what the next steps are.... more surgery? I've been on the keto diet which has been working great so far, but this episode has thrown me. Why now? I worry about what my insides look like as I've taken to Google...... silly I know! You ladies on here are so strong! I am proud of you all as endo is not easy to live with! Love to you all!!!!! Xxxxx 🥰

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Hello Katie!

Really sorry to hear about your pain and struggling. I know exactly how you feel (especially that feeling of making a mountain out of a mole hill 😔)

I'm in pain now since my period is back :(

I hope you feel better soon hun, and yep we all are stronger than endo!

Lots of love and blessings xxx💛💛🤗

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Thanks hunny xx

I've been having a really crapy few days of nerve pain down my legs, hip and back. I had surgery in November, didn't get on with the mirena and its depressing to be dealing with so much pain still. I nearly cried in my office yesterday. So I'm just sending you a sympathetic hug! Hope you manage to get through your conference. Having an illness No one can see is a nightmare isn't it? Only fellow sufferers know how much we go through and have to push ourselves to do to get on with normal things in life! Each day we have to find new depths of inner strength! X

Too true! Thanks for the love xx

I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling :( a conference is just what you need right now! Be sure to rest when you can and take a heat pad or a hot water bottle with you x

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Thanks so much lovely! So nice to know I cam share stuff here xx taken seriously!

I’m sorry about all of your pain. I’ve been in a low place recently too and just had surgery yesterday. I guess we just keep going because that’s the only choice we really have. I’m trying to just accept that this is my life and I’ll need to adjust accordingly. I’ve also tried to learn to forgive myself. Flare ups happen, low days happen, and I can’t beat myself up over this. We are strong af!! Best of luck! I hope everything calms down soon

Just have to keep going!!!!!! Sending love x

Hi Katie! Yeah it’s terrible isn’t it! My last big hell flare up was in 2011/ 12 when I found out at the age of 39 I had endometrosis.,, very late and only after ruptured cysts and severe complications requiring 2 emergency laparotomies! Hell! I have fought back, like you with diet and exercise building up to triathlons and half marathons which I love! then a month ago bam.... ruptured cyst! I feel tired jaded and crap.... and moving to a new city I don’t have my great Gp for support now. So I feel your pain and you just have to remember like me we have got well before but it’s hell when these flares ups come on us and like you I’m fearing more operations waiting to see the speacialist..... take care! And hope you feel better soon! Tomi

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Katie1982 in reply to Tri-endo

Oh my word, that sounds awful! You sound amazing though! Chin up, we share the knowledge of how bad it can be. But we also share the strength x

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