Flare up!

This is a massive cry for advice and help. I seem to be having a very very bad Endo flare up. When in the past I have had this I've been kinda mobile but this time round I can't dress myself I can hardly walk anywhere. I'm on 12 Hour Realise Tramadol and codene in the day but nothing is working. I'm hugging a hot water bottle most of the days and stuck in bed but not sleeping because I can't get comfy. Has anyone had a flare up like this?! If so any tips and advice I'm going mad and becoming fed up.

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  • Hey, I sometimes sit in the shower with the warm water directed at my stomach, just try and have someone sit in there with you incase the pain gets too bad for you to leave. I also try switching from a hot watet bottle to a cold flannel or ice pack and back again, hope it helps and you feel better soon x

  • I have started wearing heat pads! They're so easy to wear and are just ace as they don't get as hot as the hot water bottle and it targets your entire stomach! X

  • U need an anti immflammatory hun not just pain killers as it will actually help dampen the endo down n work with ur pain relief !!

    U can get ibrufen over the counter!

    I was put on pregablin for a back problem but find it helps my endo pain as it acts differently to normal pain relief so can be taken along side it , it wud have to be perscribed tho.

    I do have very bad flair ups like urs , i live in sloppy Pj,s as i can stand clothes on ! I have noticed its when im under alot if stress or have bern !

    Good hot bath too , plus also as others have said heat pads !

    I really hope u feel beta soon !!!!


  • I've never been told to take an anti inflammatory but I woll try it as I have some! Yes stress has been a big thing for me over the past month. Work is so bad and I've been all over the place. I use heat pads most days. Yeah see I can't wear anything on my belly I have to wear jeans to work and it's beyond painful but pjs is the way forward. Thanks I hope your well x

  • So sorry to hear you're so poorly! I've had flare ups like this but my pain is usually worst in my back, last time I couldn't walk or get around because it was so painful and stiff. I'm allergic to ibuprofen and painkillers didn't help, the only thing that worked is hot baths, I would run one 3 times a day and just get in and out throughout the day, I know it sounds like a lot but honestly was the only thing that eased it for me and by the next day was a lot better! Hope you feel better soon x

  • I'm going to try the bath method today with bubbles and just lay there till I get wrinkles aha. I take codene and at night a 12 hr tramadol realise but it seems to be doing nothing. I think I would handle it better if I slept but I'm struggling with that aswell xxx

  • Ibuprofen 400mg is fantastic for period pain as like it's been mentioned- it's an anti-inflammatory. GP can also prescribe another similar drug used very commonly for this type of pain called Mefenamic acid. Advice would be don't take either on an empty stomach as they can irritate your stomach lining - so even if you just have a biscuit - line your tummy first.

    Hope you're feeling beter soon hun xx

  • Hi, I find castor oil is the answer. Soak and old towel in it & place it on your tummy & cover with cling film. Place a hot water bottle on top. It numbs the pain but can stain your clothes but it is totally worth it. I would lay off the codiene in the day & replace with an anti inflammatory regularly throughout the day. The codiene can cause constipation which will only worsen your symptoms.

    I hope this helps.

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