Water pills

I know a lot of you are in the same position so I thought I'd share.

I have had months of terrible bloating. I look pregnant and went up 2 sizes in trousers.

Dr kept giving me things to release gas as they said it felt like gas. They didn't work.

I started water tablets on Tuesday for hormonal fluid and I have lost 6lb in 3 days and I feel soooo much better. My trousers also feel more comfortable on me and that's the size below the ones I was wearing on Monday. The pain is even better.

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  • I have always suspected water retention but never been sure! Can I ask what your water tablets are and where they came from?

  • Following this one x

  • Following too. Xx

  • Definitely following this !

    Some days I look so big that people give me their seat on the tube.. and what can you say to them?? "no thank you. I'm not pregnant, I just look like I am.."

  • I have been offered a seat a number of times. I usually take it because I'm so grateful to sit down and control the pain. Wonder if we can petition for an "endo on board" badge to wear. Especially in london.

  • I normally accept the seat too, I'm going to be brutally honest and say when I see women with a flat tummy and a "baby on board badge" demanding the priority seat, I do get very annoyed. I thought they were for heavily pregnant women!

    And a endo on board badge would make the journey to and from central London so much easier. A lot of the time I am shielding my tummy from elbows, and back packs being slung about.

    An invisible illness badge would be a good idea.

  • Thank you for sharing. Please do let us know where you got the water tablets from and what they're called.

  • I have had a look and Holland and Barrett have some Herbal Classics Water Retention tablets, may give them a try?

  • Sorry I'm rubbish at noticing that notifications on this.

    I am taking 50mg of spironolactone every morning with breakfast. I got them from my GP. Making a huge difference. As well as cutting out gluten, starchy food. It's hard though because It involved lots of food prep weekly.

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