Gynae has annoyed me!

Following my appointment with my new gynae for a second opinion, she told me that endometriosis pain only happens when you are on your period! Is that really the case? I'm in pain all the time following my lap to diagnose endometriosis last December. Now I've just seen a letter stating she thinks it's IC related and nothing to do with my period! I've not even been diagnosed with IC as yet!!!!Do you girls get Endo pain all the time or just on your periods???

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  • Yanno, I've had an experience like this before, I got diagnosed with endo last Feb,  I went to my doctor to get some pain relief due to endo pain, he said...

    "it can't be because of your endometriosis because when you get pain with that you bleed..."

    Don't know about anyone else but I don't always bleed when I'm in pain with my endo?

    People need better educating on this horrid disease. 

    I personally get far worse pain during my period, (I've not had a period for a year and 2 months due to how painful my periods are) I told my gynae about this and they said it's okay to take my pills back to back without a break at all, but I do also get bad pain when not having a period 

    Hope you can get some answers hunni! xxx

  • The lack of understanding in the medical community is shocking. 

    A lot of us experience chronic pain. I suffer most days with pelvic and back pain. My period just tends to exacerbate my symptoms.  I am being treated at a BSGE and my surgeons are v understanding.

    What did they find/do at the lap? Was it done by a general gynae? 

    D x

  • Hey hope your well Before I went on prostap I was in pain all the time got worse when I got on my period and couple.months ago.i came of prostap and I get pain still all time people suffer differently but it is known that you can be in pain even when your not on.your period as I read.up on it hope all goes well x

  • I get pain any time of the month. It's way more severe during my period but I can get really bad ovulation pains too. I also suffer with really bad lower back ache ALL the time :/ 

    Hmm, think you need to try and see someone else? Poor you :(

  • That's absolute nonsense, I've had a hysterectomy and I still get endo pain every day, endo can cause pain through out the month, and painfull periids, gyne docs should no better, if you have been diagnosed, go back to gp and ask for referral to a bsge centre, good luck x

  • Thank you lovely ladies! I appreciate your answers. I get chronic pelvic pain especially on my left side, pain my lower back that shoots down my bum and back of my legs. A constant pressure on my bladder and sometimes get the feeling that everything is going to fall out my vagina!! :-0 it does get worse while on but I suffer the rest of the time too. When I had the lap, they found endometriosis on my left side of womb and lasered it off. Yes it was fine by a general gynae. Unfortunately I had a post operative infection and the pain has got worse and worse even though the infection cleared. The gynae that performed the surgery didn't want to deal with it, so I had to change gynae. So this one I had high hopes for, unfortunately she's  seems not to want to help either. I had this done privately and I'm now awaiting my NHS referral for the BSGE centre in June. It sucks that she believes that, I think a third opinion is now warranted!

  • Well, I used to only get pain with my period (horrendous pain!) but over the past 4-5 years I started to get pain upto a week before my period was even due. Now I'm in pain constantly, I've got cysts on both ovaries that are multiplying at the minute (waiting for surgery), so I deffinately think this doctor needs to be educated! 

  • I used to get pain all the time - both pelvic and back (however my left side was always worse). I had a laparoscopy where they removed the endo, it's been 4 weeks, I'm seeing a slight improvement but I'm hoping it will get better. 

  • I get pain all the time. I was told by a gynecologist recently that I "don't have a typical presentation of endo". There desperately needs to be more education for medical practitioners on this. It's horrible being made to constantly feel like you're making it up. 

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