Stopping the pill before surgery?

I have a 2nd surgery in December to remove stage 3/4 and unstick some things, I am currently on my week break from Microgynon birth control pill.

Should I stop taking it from now, will this improve surgery success?

Will it caude it to spread more? Ive been on it for 10 years and also after the surgery we are going to try for a baby. My surgeon is away all month so I cant ask and just thought about it!

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The pill doesn't effect your recovery rate and according to my gynaecologist it's suppose to reduce adhesions from endometriosis that's why I'm on the pill. However you are more likely to get pregnant after surgery as everything is put right and been cleared. It is recommended to wait 7-14 days before intercourse but every body is different so start when you feel ready.

Hope this helped :)

Thank you for replying! Ill be waiting a couple of months so im almost 100%

Hi, I am on the same although I take it back to back, I went for a pre op assessment in August, even though I won't be getting my op for 9-12 months but the nurse rang me to let me know once my date comes through that I should stop taking the pill for at least a month beforehand, maybe you could ring and speak to one of the nurses?

Thank you for replying! I shall ring and ask xx

Following because I would like to know this.

I'm on the pill back to back, and was told to keep taking it until my surgery. Which is the beginning of next year. It will be another cyst removal.

Will definitely ask this at my next appointment! I always end up with a long list of questions written out!!

I shall let you know what they say xx

Any update? I've been wondering the same thing

Not Sure what MeganMea did in the end.

But I will be continuing taking the pill until the day before my op. This is because I would be in too much pain if I have a bleed, plus my chocolate cyst could get even bigger.

I'm at an endo accredited hospital so trust in the consultant and nurse I have.

You should ring your hospital up and find out.

Oops, sorry, I replied to your comment instead of Megan's, but you're right anyway x

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