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Thyroid? Have I got symptoms - or am I just turning into s hypochondriac?!

Hi all. Sorry to be a pain - have severe endo - but I'm feeling so ill - not sure if I should be seeing GP

(again) for more tests?

I've just had a consultant appt. -last Friday- and after studying my notes, my last surgery report, last US scan and an internal exam - I have it confirmed that I have nodules in POD and adenomyosis. I have fibrosis and endo around my left ureter (that could not be identified as it was so dense) that was left in my last surgery!!

I'm now on waiting list for laparoscopy and partial hysterectomy :((

The thing is - I am chronically tired ALL the time - I slept from 10:30 in the morning until 2:45 yesterday - after a full nights sleep. I was in bed for 10:30 last night again as couldn't keep my eyes open!? This is becoming hhe norm - I'm just so exhausted.

I'm clnstanhly bloated - and even my "fat day" jeans are tight on me at the moment!?

I have always felt the gold and been called "nesh" - my hands and feet are always like ice - no matter what the weather :)

I have terrible migraines, my weight is creeping up and up even though I'm not eating much as I get full really quickly and I often get bad nausea and indegestion.

I'm getting a lot of lower back, and left sided pain around my middle - like a belt - but just on the left.

I get really bad pains in my legs and I have terrible restless legs in the evening and at night:(

I keep waking up with pins and needles in my hands.

I get awful pain in my jaw ( right on the curve of it - under my ears - it's too sore to touch), then there's my neck/back pain (right side - on my back).

I'm weeing for England - and always have to get up in the night (at least twice!).

Arghhhhh- am I going mad - or should I be asking for done more tests ? I had bloods done in July and told all normal ?!

Sorry to rant and moan :((

Any advice would be very much appreciated :) xx

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